The Changing Nature of Digital Transformation: What Stage Are You In?

Roughly 85 percent of managers and executives surveyed by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte in 2017 said that they think being a digital business is important to the success of their company. 

But the road to digital transformation can be intimidating. Some leaders don’t know where to begin, while others might be on their way without even realizing it. 

To help provide some clarity, we have organized the often messy digital transformation process into four clear stages. This tip sheet will walk you through each stage, help you understand which phase your business is in right now and guide you through moving your business forward into the next steps.

In this tip sheet, you will learn: 

  • How to define and plan for a digital transformation for your company.
  • How to ensure your company integrates with new processes smoothly.
  • Steps to introducing new technology into workflows.
  • What a digitally mature company looks like and how it plans for the future. 

If your business hasn’t begun its digital transformation, it’s time to start.

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