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Reimagine Your Mailroom with
Cloud Capture Technology

Collect. Extract. Validate. Accelerate.

How you manage incoming information is crucial. When it doesn’t get to the right place, at the right time, your operational efficiency suffers and so does your decision-making. It’s harder to deliver an optimal experience to customers. And your organization’s information governance may be at risk.

Today’s market demands have raised the stakes for getting things right. Decision-makers need information at their fingertips. Enterprise systems rely on complete data. Regulators won’t tolerate incomplete information. And customers expect fast, accurate answers to their questions and decentralized, legacy capture systems won’t solve these challenges. What organizations need is a highly modern digital mailroom that uses intelligent document management software to centralize the capture and management of all incoming content – paper OR electronic.

Current Mailroom Challenges

Volume explosion

Organizations are being challenged by larger volumes than ever and lack the proper staffing (due to remote work) and security to adequately process and manage it.

Delivery channel expansion

Beyond physical mail being scanned, incoming information has expanded to e-mail, the web, portals, and more. This means organizations have more delivery channels to manage than ever.

Unstructured data

The growth of e-mails and other electronic content has made unstructured data the norm.

Market demands

Business moves faster these days and an organization’s information management must keep pace.

Regulatory pressure

Organizations that don’t manage their content well face higher risks due to non-compliance.


Various sized documents must be captured by multiple devices which leads to inconsistent image quality and more gaps in document security.

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Modernize Your Mailroom

Automate Your Back Office and Eliminate Document Chaos for Good


Power Up Your Processing

Struggling with high volumes of incoming paper? Simplify and centralize the capture
of your physical mail with the world’s fastest high-volume scanner – the ibml Fusion.

Digital Mailroom – The ibml Solution

Transform the way you capture and manage inbound content with ibml Cloud Capture (ICC).


Capture and sort all paper and electronic content whether it was received via the mail, e-mail, or fax with a single intelligent document processing platform.


Speed up your mailroom and strengthen security by centralizing your processes as much as possible using one highly robust scanner – the ibml Fusion – to process ultra-high-volumes and help maintain proper chain of custody.


Power your capture with machine learning to automatically apply business rules, extract information, and reduce manual keying errors to speed capture, validation and delivery.


Accelerate the delivery of downstream content by connecting your existing line of business applications to a fully automated document management software. Don’t have a system? Leverage Microsoft SharePoint or Azure to create an easy-to-search, unified cloud-native document management system.


Make double-keying and “swivel chair” integrations a thing of the past. Simulate human actions using Smart Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to upload content into legacy systems without manual labor. Software robots work endlessly with minimal errors, which frees up your human resources to focus on core business activities.


Keep pace with changing market demands using a highly scalable and affordable cloud-native platform. ICC’s cloud-based architecture is agile and built to scale quickly to provide your business the flexibility it needs. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your content is protected by the highest data security available.

Conquer Document Chaos with a Digital Mailroom Solution
using ibml Cloud Capture

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ibml-as-a-service (iaaS)

Harness the Latest Technology
Without the Upfront Costs

Gain an unbeatable technological advantage while freeing up your cash flows. With the new ibml-as-a-service, you can utilize ibml’s cutting-edge capture technology on a pay-as-you-go basis by opting for fixed quarterly payments. With greater flexibility and freedom, you’ll be able to avoid high CAPEX costs, preserve cash for other core growth initiatives, and customize, scale and bundle your technology subscription to fit individual needs. Plus, your investment is 100% tax deductible and eligible for upgrades or new features at any time.

How the iaaS subscription process works: