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How to Select the Right Intelligent Data Capture Software

Intelligent data capture software presents opportunities for enterprises to completely transform their document-driven processes. But in a crowded marketplace, choosing the right vendor and software isn’t easy, and implementing the wrong software could spell disaster for your operation.

Improved Data Capture Starts With the Right Intelligent Data Capture Software Vendor

Right out of the gate, you need to know that not all intelligent data capture software vendors are the same. You want more than a software supplier – you want a true technology partner to help you select and implement the solution that will maximize the benefits to your organization.

Although every vendor is different, some of the characteristics shared by the leading intelligent data capture software providers include:

  • Technology Expertise – World-class data capture software providers understand document-driven processes in enterprises and have deep experience in the use of technology to reduce costs and improve operational performance.
  • Industry Knowledge – In many industries (e.g., the financial sector), industry experience determines whether or not the data capture software can provide the insights necessary to contextualize the technology to the organization’s unique requirements.
  • Scope of Solutions – Different organizations require different software solutions. Ideally, your software vendor should offer a robust suite of solutions that can be tailored to your ECM environment.

Key Features of Robust Intelligent Data Capture Software

In addition to evaluating the vendor, it’s important to evaluate the software itself, keeping in mind that a single vendor may offer multiple software options. After assessing your organization’s needs, look for intelligent data capture software that offers a handful of critical features:

  • Multi-Channel Document Entry – Leading data capture software enables your organization to accept documents across a full range of paper and electronic channels.
  • Inline Data Extraction – The software should enable the recognition, extraction, and analysis of data early in the process rather than post-scan to eliminate downstream exceptions.
  • Cost Efficiencies – Real-time data extraction reduces document preparation costs. For further savings, look for data capture software that reduces overhead through auto batching and reduced licensing fees (i.e., no click costs).
  • Centralized management – A single capture suite allows you to centralize the management and control of production and distributed scanners across the organization.
  • Compliance and security – Security and compliance count. A standardized capture environment ensures that your software and ECM environment remain secure and compliant.

Data capture software generates ROI by converting conventional scanners into intelligent scanners. In the final analysis, the best intelligent data capture software will be the solution that is most effective at transforming your existing infrastructure into a system designed to address your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

Intelligent Capture Suite: Intelligent Data Capture Software From ibml

ibml’s Intelligent Capture Suite transforms data capture and document processing activities in organizations across a range of industries. Built to accept configurable business rules and apply intelligent data recognition at the earliest point in the process, our intelligent data capture software eliminates downstream exceptions, improving operational efficiency and performance.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and let’s talk about how Intelligent Capture Suite can benefit your business.

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