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Data Capture Software: How Healthcare Providers Can Benefit

Healthcare professionals looking to enhance and modernize patient experiences should consider utilizing automated data capture software. When documents are digitally analyzed, stored and filed, financial and clinical processes are accelerated, and patient information becomes more usable.

In today’s growing cities, healthcare providers can service upwards of 3,000 patients per physician. As this number continues to increase, accurate and timely access to patient information is paramount.

3 Ways Automated Data Capture Software Benefits Healthcare Providers

The era of healthcare reform has revealed a need for increased healthcare efficiency. Medical technology has evolved, and patient service speeds need to catch up. Intelligent capture solutions have the potential to increase the productivity of clinic staff and their business process outsourcing (BPO) providers through:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs – Avoid having to increase staff size as the practice grows. With image capture technology, administrative expenses and operational costs are significantly reduced. Instead of staff members manually sorting through hundreds of documents, intelligent capture solutions do it for them. Seamlessly processing and classifying incoming documents, and capture solutions allow staff to allocate their time and skills to more valuable tasks.
  2. Guaranteed Data Accuracy – Manual data entry using antiquated technology is prone to errors. Even more, outdated image capture technology can cause consistent information inaccuracies. For healthcare providers, inaccurate data is useless data. With intelligent data capture software, processing large quantities of information yields accurate and timely results.
  3. Protected Patient Information – It’s easier to control file access when documents are digitally stored. Automated data capture software allows you to comply with HIPAA guidelines and prevent data breaches. Depending on the level of negligence, noncompliance with HIPAA can result in civil and criminal penalties, with maximum fines reaching $1.5 million per year. Intelligent digital capture creates walls of role-based security access, reports activity on documents, and fully encrypts data. Capture software also identifies documents that contain sensitive information upon input – automatically restricting access to unauthorized users.

Transform Your Medical Practice with Automated Data Capture Software

At ibml, we understand that healthcare is evolving. By providing intelligent data capture solutions that streamline productivity and protect sensitive data, we help bring your practice into the future.

Our Intelligent Capture Suite helps with:

  • Seamless multi-channel document ingestion
  • Connecting with downstream systems
  • Extracting and analyzing data
  • Keeping sensitive information secure and within HIPAA compliance standards

Learn how we helped a large healthcare network improve efficiency with an intelligent capture solution.

Ready to find out how ibml can help healthcare providers? Consult an expert today.

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