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Frequently Asked Questions – ibml Acquisition of Exela Intelliscan Smart Scanning Solutions Business

June 16, 2023

     1. Why is this deal important to ibml?

  • ibml is the global leader in intelligent high-volume scanning. The acquisition of Exela Technologies’ IntelliScan Smart Scanning Solutions (hereinafter referred to as ‘IntelliScan’) allows ibml to consolidate and expand its leadership position within this market.

     2. Why is this deal important to the current and future customers of ibml and Exela Technologies?

  • The combined resources of both organizations will bring greater product innovation, best-in-the-industry support coverage, and enhanced customer response, all of which are critical for the most demanding mission-critical digitization environments we serve.

     3. What are the details of the deal?

  • ibml will acquire the assets of the IntelliScan division of Exela Technologies
  • The includes all IntelliScan Hardware and Capture Software products and Maintenance services, all Intellectual property associated with these products, customer obligations, vendor relationships, and all current stock of products, parts, and spares.
  • ibml did not acquire any part of Exela’s Business Process Outsourcing operations or any other software solution offered by Exela.

    4. What will happen to the employees of Exela IntelliScan?

  • All identified employees of the division will be offered continued employment with ibml.

     5. Will ibml’s leadership change?

  • The combined company will operate as ibml under the current leadership of ibml including:
    • CEO – Martin Birch
    • CFO – G Russell Smith
    • CTO – Pete Rudak
    • CMO – Susheel John

     6. When do you anticipate the deal closing?

  • The deal was closed on Friday, June 9, 2023.

     7. What are the key business benefits for the company and its customers?

  • An enhanced portfolio of products for the high-volume digitization needs of our customers.
  • Continued innovation & investment in the high-volume digitization market bringing better efficiencies to customer processes.
  • Investments in support infrastructure to provide enhanced customer service. Consolidation of go-to-market resources for the combined portfolio of products.
  • Customer access to a broader portfolio of products and services.

     8. Where will the combined HQ be located, and what will happen to Exela IntelliScan offices?

  • The headquarters of ibml will remain in Birmingham, Alabama. Office space in Irving, Texas, that currently supports the Intelliscan business will continue to be used to support the operations and customers after the deal closes. The Dallas office will be added as a new office for ibml over and above our current UK and Germany offices.

     9. How many employees will be joining ibml?

  • About 103 employees bringing the total organization to ~360 employees.

     10. What changes should customers expect?

  • There will be no immediate changes in customer service delivery, and they will continue to operate and interact with the same sales and service representatives as they do today.

      11. What changes should business partners expect?

  • No changes are planned for our current ibml go-to-market business and channel partners. Exela IntelliScan’s go-to-market business and channel partners should expect to continue their relationship with ibml as they did with IntelliScan prior to the transaction.
  • The combined company will provide them with an enhanced portfolio of products to sell and grow their relationship with the combined entity.

       12. What changes should vendors expect?

  • ibml expects to maintain the current supply chain partner relationship. Current Intelliscan suppliers will be onboarded to ibml systems to make the accounts payable process smoother.

      13.  Does this change the go-to-market strategy for ibml in any way?

  • Yes! As a combined entity, we will have a broader portfolio of products that will better serve existing ibml and Exela customers, as well as, give us the opportunity to expand our market participation going forward.

     14. Who do I contact with questions?

  • Please submit your questions here

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