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ibml Scanner Manager Base Software for ImageTrac 6 v2 and ibml FUSiON – Version 7.4.0 – Effective 08/12/22

August 8, 2022

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

  • General Changes: 
    • Scanning FADGI test targets on 7300+ series ibml Fusion Scanners. (Scanners with one Decision Module prior to the first pocket.)
    • When saving (using Save-As) a software parameter file with a color drop-out configuration, that does not contain a configuration image, some XML data in the .CDO file is being lost.
  • Software Parameter File Changes:
    • Updated the Feeder Settings for the “125ips_Long” and “125ips_Long_SF” software parameter file
    • Updated the following parameter files with the latest changes that have occurred across the 7300 series parameter files
    • MICR Gain values have changed since the last firmware and QA testing to reach the documented values when reading the MICR Gain dump
    • The Feeder Settings for the default 55ips, 83ips, and 125ips Software parameter files have been modified to prevent the thinner Rev 05 Imaging Test Documents from “popping”, folding up, and jamming in the feeder. The Picker Motor has been reduced substantially to prevent this condition when running with new Picker Rollers, Feeder Tires, and Reverse Belts. None of the “_Long” Software parameter files were modified with these changes
  • Hardware Parameter File Changes:
    • The A6 segment for all speeds was throwing documents and creating a poor stack on the 125-00709 Stacker Pocket.
  • Capture Suite ParmSetup
    • Intelligent Reader – Unhandled exception when selecting a job using the In-sight software.
    • Software parameter file with Bitonal image output with “Expand Luminance Contrast” enabled along with “Edge Enhancement” set to “Static” with a value greater than 100, image with blank pages display pixels large enough to be individually visible from a normal viewing distance.

For complete details, download the full product release here: ReleaseNotes iQpro Systems 740

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