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Faster than anything on the market in its class

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ImageTracDS Series

Image TracDS 1085

Mid-Volume Desktop Scanner: ImageTracDS 1085

Streamline your capture operations with this powerful mid-volume scanner:

  • Handles mixed sizes
  • Offers dual output trays
  • Utilizes ultrasonic multi-feed detection
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Image TracDS 1155/1210

Desktop Production Scanner: ImageTracDS 1155/1210

Gain control over mailroom chaos. See our intelligent desktop production scanners work:

  • Accelerates your sorting
  • Reduces turnaround times
  • Integrates easily
  • Detects exceptions
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ImageTrac Series

ImageTrac Lite

High Speed Document Scanner: ImageTrac Lite (Manufacturing Discont.)

Robust, best-in-class document feeding and superior image quality for lower volumes and remote scanning

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ImageTrac 6300

Ultra High Speed Scanner: ImageTrac 6300 (Manufacturing Discont.)

In-line intelligence, superior document handling, and more speed for optimum batch processing

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ImageTrac 6400

High Speed Document Scanner: ImageTrac 6400 (Manufacturing Discont.)

Ultra high speed scanner, with superior document handling, and 4-frames for added intelligence and increased decision time.

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“As a result of implementing ibml scanners, Wyoming Medical Center has maximized productivity, reduced our document management labor costs by 33 percent and decreased our long-term operations expenses”

Nick Belveal Rhia Director Of HMS, Wyoming Medical Center