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3 Advantages of Intelligent Capture Solutions to BPO Services

BPO services can include anything from payroll to accounting to human resources. No matter the task, there is one thing they all have in common: There is a constant influx of information. Companies typically outsource BPO responsibilities with the aim of reducing data upkeep costs. As a BPO service provider, you want to provide your customers with the most cost-effective, reliable solution for document processing. However, that’s difficult to achieve if you still rely on manual, paper-based intake methods. To become indispensable to your clients, you need intelligent capture technology that completely transforms your data processing strategies.

Benefits of Intelligent Capture Solutions on BPO Services

Your clients trust you to efficiently handle important company data. So why stick with lax document processing techniques? Intelligent capture solutions make BPO services like scanning and classifying information simpler than ever before, resulting in several key benefits to your business:

  • Increase Backend Productivity – Manual data and document intake are slow. The time it takes employees to log each piece of information takes away from time they could devote to other duties. Intelligent scanning solutions automate the classification, capture, and validation of documents from both paper and electronic sources. You’ll move through data sorting in a quicker, streamlined fashion, freeing employees to focus on more tasks and projects.
  • Stronger Security and Compliance – Not only do customers trust you’ll keep information safe, but federal regulations mandate specific security standards for documents. Manually processing and storing data opens it up to various security vulnerabilities. Automated capture technology encrypts information as it’s scanned, safely logging and storing information. Robust technology also maintains complete audit trails in the event data needs to be accessed by an authorized user. You’ll stay on the right side of regulatory mandates, and ensure customers that their documents are secure.
  • Better Operating Margins – Paper processing and printing costs quickly drive up operational expenses, especially if you’re responsible for thousands of documents. But executing BPO services doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Intelligent capture solutions reduce overhead costs by scanning and classifying data that comes from paper, email, mobile devices, and fax machines. It’s also beneficial to find technology that integrates with legacy software, so you don’t need to completely overhaul your current system.

It’s Time to Enhance Your BPO Services

At ibml, we’re committed to giving BPO service providers the tools they need to gain a competitive edge, expand their sales and offer value-added services to customers through better capture workflow efficiencies. Our intelligent capture solutions process forms and unstructured documents including:

  • Checks and Remits
  • Invoices and Taxes
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Medical Records and Insurance Claims
  • Census Forms
  • Legal Documents

With ibml, complex BPO services and procedures are a thing of the past. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.

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