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With the Most Efficient Capture in the Market

As a BPO provider, your clients’ needs are variable – and yours are too. How can you manage all different types of documents, from checks to invoices, and from structured to unstructured forms, without losing speed? And how do you manage it all while scaling quickly to meet unexpected demands?

Your job is to extract data and get it into your clients’ hands quickly – but slow processes interfere with your clients’ businesses. You’re already under constant pressure to reduce spending and legacy image capture solutions cost you big. They are both time and labor intensive, often requiring manual entry, constant operator oversight, and are prone to human error.

Can you really afford errors when providing information to clients’ downstream systems? Of course not. Your customers expect high-quality, error-free information every time. How can you meet those expectations?

Serve your clients at unrivaled speed with the flexible, high-volume information capture capabilities of ibml. Handle everything you receive and more to drive higher profits and widen your potential market – all while saving time and money.


High Overhead

Legacy scanning processes rely heavily on human operators to feed, batch, and sort documents.

Variable Needs

Clients need various types of documents scanned, often requiring multiple types of scanners and processes.

Narrow Offerings

Your service offerings are limited to the volume and type of documents your legacy scanners can handle.

Limited Speeds

Slow processes directly affect how many clients you can serve, impacting your bottom line.

The ibml Solution

Level up your bpo management with ibml intelligent capture solutions to generate more revenue, expand your services, and reach new customers.

Top Your Competitors

Top Your Competitors

Stand out from your competition with the most up-to-date technology with superior extraction intelligence. Offer more services without expanding costs with efficient and flexible ibml solutions.

Expand Your Services

Cost-effectively address virtually any capture requirements by consolidating and automating the classification, capture, and validation of documents from any paper or electronic channel.

See Quick ROIs

Take advantage of our variety of short-term rentals, onsite and project-based service options to help you get money in the bank, faster.

Speed up Processes

With trailblazing speeds, you can get more work done in less time. Our scanners are not only the fastest in the market, but they also offer the most intelligence and flexibility.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Our products will complement your security and compliance initiatives with role-based information access, complete audit trails, activity logging, and data encryption.

Skyrocket Your Operating Margins

Reduce overhead with our best-in-class scanners and capture software. Save in manual labor by processing co-mingled documents, out-sorting documents, and providing centralized setup and administration.

Pick Your Process-Needs

Better align your operations to meet customer needs with scanners that range from desktop to ultra-high-volume models, and software that reduces capital expense through lower annual costs and no click charges.

ibml-as-a-service (iaaS)

Harness the Latest Technology
Without the Upfront Costs

Gain an unbeatable technological advantage while freeing up your cash flows. With the new ibml-as-a-service, you can utilize ibml’s cutting-edge capture technology on a pay-as-you-go basis by opting for fixed quarterly payments. With greater flexibility and freedom, you’ll be able to avoid high CAPEX costs, preserve cash for other core growth initiatives, and customize, scale and bundle your technology subscription to fit individual needs. Plus, your investment is 100% tax deductible and eligible for upgrades or new features at any time.

How the iaaS subscription process works:


Use our intelligent capture solutions to process forms and unstructured documents from a variety of document types.

Checks and remittances
Mortgage documents
Explanation of benefits
Medical records
Census forms
Insurance claims
Legal documents

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