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What is bad data costing your organization? With information speeding at businesses in various forms, from various sources, mastering that data is mission-critical.

But even the best automated extraction is fallible. Between exceptions and errors, it’s likely that your data is only 80–95% accurate – and imperfect data can have serious consequences.

Instead of turning to costly and error-prone manual labour, why not use hand-selected industry-best solutions to perfect your business’ data?


of companies see a direct impact on their bottom line as a result of inaccurate data, according to Experian research.

Achieve data perfection with the combined power of ibml and our technology partners.

Not Having Data Refinery Tools
is Costing You

Avoid Bad Data with Data Intelligence Software
What is Bad Data Costing You?

Think you get by with imperfect data? Think again. Anything less than perfect data poses a wide range of problems for your organization. From missed business opportunities to compliance fines, here’s what can happen when you ignore your data disparities.

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Power Your Business with
Data Intelligence Software You Trust

AI data cleansing gives you a competitive edge:
Reduce labour costs

Reduce labour costs

Improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience

Increase decision-making agility

Increase decision-making agility

ibml Clean Data Whitepaper
Combine the best-of-breed capture technologies with high-speed AI data processing and crowd-source manual validation to realize data perfection.
Download the white paper “Data Perfection is Possible” and dive deep into the benefits of perfect data.
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