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ibml Capture Suite Release Notes 5.2.0 – Effective 03/06/2023

March 8, 2023

The following summarizes a subset of enhancements that were made in this release:

Capture Suite Module: Analytics

  • Added a formal analytics report for FADGI results that includes details of testing that are scanner, operator, and camera specific (pass/fail).

Capture Suite Module: Login: Admin Console

  • Active Directory (AD) integration added where AD groups are mapped to ibml Capture Suite groups using the Admin Console’s User Admin tab.

Capture Suite Module: Lockbox Processing; Admin Console

  • A new feature allows Cash Management Systems (CMS) lockbox configurations to be automatically synced into Capture Suite.
    • The automation is achieved by utilizing a plugin host service that allows a user to configure a watch folder containing lockbox configurations to be synced.
    • This service has a standalone system tray application that allows an administrator to monitor the plugin(s) that the service is running.

Capture Suite Module: Scan Client; Quality Control

  • For a FADGI-compliant scanner, the FADGI test dialog in Scan Client and Quality Control Client has an added option to display and export GoldenThread test results.
  • Increased the size of the camera and hand feed buttons in the FADGI Compliance Test Window. It also adds a stop feed and continues scanning buttons. The size of the buttons was increased so that they are easier to use on the touchscreen panel. The buttons were moved to the left side of the viewing pane.

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

Capture Suite Module: PostScan Process

  • Over time, the PostScan PDF Output times begin to degrade.
    • This ibml Cloud Capture Suite installer, for PDF Ouput, upgrades FoxIT to version

Capture Suite Module: Scan Client

  • The Alert, “Counts and Totals” incorrectly displays an error after an Operator has deleted an item and attempts a res-can [Rescan mode].

Capture Suite Module: Client Reports; Analytics

  • Reported Issue: The report “Error Detail or Error Sum-mary,” when filtering for error types ‘alerts’ only, displays a blank report.
    • Prior to this release, these were not designed to report Scan Job Alerts.
    • Change in Behavior: With this release, Scan Client now stores Scan Job Alerts in the database for reporting – Error Detail and Error Summary reports.

Capture Suite Module: Quality Control Client 

  • Alert reprocessing for “Allowed Documents” is not clearing flagged items after document order is corrected.
  • Batches, where transactions are flagged by an alert, are skipping Quality Control Client when Quality Control Job Setup is configured to evaluate flags.

For complete details, download the full product release here: Release Notes 5 2 0

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