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ibml Launches New Suite of Intelligent Desktop Scanning Solutions

March 1, 2016
Birmingham, AL

Led by the ImageTracDS 1210, a powerful desktop scanner featuring superior document handling, exceptional image quality and intelligent capture software

ibml, a leader in information capture solutions for the enterprise, today unveiled a new suite of ImageTracDS scanners, the most powerful desktop scanner ever offered. Combining left-justified document feeding, intermixed document scanning (including checks), and the most powerful intelligent capture software available on a desktop scanner, the ImageTracDS 1085, 1155 and 1210 deliver an unmatched total cost of ownership for mid to high-volume capture solutions while extending the exceptional throughput and image quality that are hallmarks of all ibml scanners.

Leading the charge is the ImageTracDS 1210. The device uses a left-justified document feeder to provide a more efficient method for picking and feeding intermixed document sizes, which can be processed co-mingled improving operational processes by reducing document preparation. The ImageTracDS 1210 delivers maximum throughput of 210 pages per minute (ppm) at 300 dots per inch (dpi). In addition to superior cost performance for straight forward scanning applications, all of the ImageTracDS scanners come with two sorting trays that can be configured optionally to out sort items such as checks, separator sheets, or other exception items utilizing ibml’s inline capture technology, DocNetics. The ImageTracDS 1210 sorts up to 200 ppm, making it the fastest sorting desktop scanner in its class. Click here to learn more about the ImageTracDS 1210.

The ImageTracDS 1210 is powered by a version of the same SoftTrac Capture Suite software used by many of the world’s most demanding capture operations on ibml’s ultra-high-volume ImageTrac scanners. DocNetics recognition software captures barcodes, logos, OCR/ICR, check data, and extracts data and classifies documents at scan time not downstream and without recurring click charges. The scanner also supports ibml’s full SoftTrac Capture Suite for end-to-end intelligent capture. The ImageTracDS 1210 can also be operated by other capture software through an industry standard TWAIN driver.

At the same time, ibml announced the ImageTracDS 1155, the next generation replacement for the venerable workhorse ImageTracDS 1150. Sporting the same benefits as the ImageTracDS 1210, the DS 1155 delivers maximum throughput of 155 ppm at 300 dpi and sorts up to 150 ppm. The ImageTracDS 1155 is ideal for a wide range of applications at smaller remote and distributed sites. Click here to learn more about the ImageTracDS 1155.

Unmatched Capture Solutions
Combined with ibml’s ImageTracDS 1085, an 85 ppm scanner with the same intelligent features, ibml now offers an unmatched suite of intelligent capture solutions to meet any capture needs, regardless of the volume.

“These new DS models deliver much of the same intelligent automation found on our market-leading ImageTrac open-track scanners but in an efficient desktop format that is priced to compete with high-volume scanners that lack intelligence and sorting,” said ibml Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Lucarini. “Even if your application does not need sorting, the ImageTracDS 1210 or ImageTracDS 1155 image quality,document feeder and intelligent software suite still make it an excellent automation solution. We are offering non-sorting models at a lower price that can be easily upgraded for sorting in the future.”

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