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Intelligent Document Processing: A Must-Have for Insurance Providers

Insurance companies rely on efficient management of highly sensitive data, which can be challenging. Without intelligent document recognition, providers struggle with outdated technology and manual solutions that prevent them from processing customer data effectively. This not only wastes time, money and effort, but ultimately damages customer relationships in a highly competitive industry.

If insurance providers can’t leverage top-notch technology to manage data and provide superior service, customers might look elsewhere.

3 Benefits of Intelligent Document Recognition for Insurance Providers

Intelligent document recognition has come a long way from clunky, errorprone office scanners. With advanced solutions available, insurance providers can’t maximize productivity without investing in intelligent capture technology. In a fast-paced, data-heavy insurance environment, intelligent document recognition solutions can help in more ways than one:

  • Faster Customer Service – When it comes to customer service, speed and convenience is the priority. By reducing data processing time and organizing data in a more accessible manner, intelligent document recognition technology empowers customer service staff to handle claims more quickly and eliminate customer response lag time.
  • Secure, Compliant Customer Information – Data security is of critical importance. As savvy data thieves keep major security breaches in the news, it’s increasingly becoming a concern for customers themselves. Intelligent document recognition helps providers stay on top of security issues and comply with strict regulations by instituting role-based access restrictions, complete audit trails, data encryption and centralized administrator security controls.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Data Accessibility – Document processing inefficiencies slow everything down, and increase the likelihood that important data gets lost in the mess. Intelligent document recognition uses an advanced pattern-based approach to automatically classify data from both electronic and paper sources, decreasing exceptions that must be processed manually. Image capture technology can also sort data into downstream applications like CRM and ERP platforms. That way, businesses can easily analyze data quickly and easily, increasing operational efficiency.

Say Hello to ibml’s Advanced Intelligent Document Recognition Technology

If you’re looking to update your insurance company’s image capture technology, look no further than ibml.

Using advanced intelligent document recognition technology, ibml offers scanner solutions and capture software that enables insurance carriers to increase profitability and efficiency, enhance responsiveness to customers and better protect sensitive information.

Our solutions automate the capture, classification, validation, and export of information from any paper or electronic document. Insurance carriers and BPOs can process enrollment forms, applications, medical records, preauthorization forms, credentials and more with greater accuracy than ever before.

For more information about how ibml can help your business, consult an information capture expert today.

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