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3 Ways to Achieve Data Management With Automated Information Capture

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to invest in information capture solutions. Why? Because organizations across the banking, insurance, healthcare and other industries are constantly flooded with high volumes of data. Without robust data capture technology, you waste valuable time and resources trying to manage documents.

To avoid data disasters, consider implementing advanced information and data capture technology. You’ll have the capacity to keep track of incoming data, keeping it organized and easily accessible.

How Information Capture Technology Results in Better Data Management

Information capture solutions do more than take a snapshot of documents. Robust technology enables your company to stay organized and efficient. Even more, better data organization allows you to gain more valuable, actionable insights, ultimately leading you to make better business decisions.

As opposed to manually scanning, entering, and sorting through data, information capture solutions lead to stronger, more effective document management through:

  • Multi-Channel Data Input – Today’s fast-paced environment means data comes from several channels including mobile devices, email, paper documents, fax services and more. A lack of intelligent capture technology bottlenecks backend processes, making data input tricky and unmanageable. Advanced information input solutions recognize, scan and classify documents from both paper and digital channels. Not only does this make locating data simpler, but you’ll also minimize document processing time.
  • Easily Organized, Accessible Data – Unorganized data is useless to you and your employees. Manual and outdated methods of data capture can’t properly classify documents, making it impossible to strategize and act on data. Automated information capture technology extracts and indexes data in an efficient, organized manner. Look for technology that converts information into searchable PDFs, and houses data on ERP and CRM systems.
  • Fewer Manual Exceptions – Outdated legacy platforms are unable to classify every document that your organization receives. This requires employees to address more information manually, eating up productivity. Intelligent capture solutions armed with advanced technology organize documents based on specific images, text descriptions and patterns. This approach keeps data classification accurate, sorting documents that don’t necessarily fit into a specific template – which means fewer manual exceptions down the line.

Best-in-Class Information Capture Solutions From ibml

In need of intelligent information capture solutions? Look no further than ibml.

Our innovative technology is used in the most data-heavy environments, streamlining document processing for organizations across various sectors including:

We offer a wide range of capture technology and provide outsourced services including document imaging and indexing, workflow integration and secure document and media destruction.

To learn more about how ibml can help you achieve better data management, consult an information capture expert today.

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