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ibml Scanner Manager Base Software for ImageTrac 6 v2 / ibml FUSiON – Version 7.3.4 – Effective 07/22/22

November 2, 2022

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

  • General Changes
    • Bitonal setting De-screen (enabled) results in characters (edges) and barcodes being connected.
    • Images stored in Color Dropout configuration archive file (.CDO) are getting characters appended to the file name every time the color dropout dialog was opened and the ‘OK’ button was clicked.
    • ParmSetup Pre-Processed Capture [image] window was not positioned where expected after drawing the window region [using the UI].
    • Error “CPreProcessQue : File Type Not Supported” when using multiple Pre-processed Capture Windows for a single camera.
  • Capture Suite ParmSetUP
    • Intelligent Reader – Unhandled exception when selecting a job using the In-sight software.
    • Version 5.9.0 of the In-sight software is currently the only supported version.
    • Documentation Updated: “Intelligent Reader” topic in the ParmSetup help files.
  • ImageServer
    • When a user “signs out” of Windows, upon sign in of another user, the image server (ImageSvr) reports “SSE Error” and/or “Could Not Connect.”
    • When text (non-dropout) intersects with lines dropped from a form by color dropout, pixels of the text are removed where the line intercepts the text.

For complete details, download the full product release here: ReleaseNotes iQpro Systems 734

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