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Deliver outstanding customer service in a highly competitive environment

ibml intelligent capture solutions enable insurance carriers and the business process outsourcing providers that serve them to increase profitability, enhance responsiveness to customers, agents and call-center staff, safeguard sensitive information, and better comply with regulatory mandates.

ibml solutions automate the capture, classification, validation, and export of information from any paper or electronic document that arrives via the mail, e-mail, fax, the Internet, or agent location. Insurance carriers and BPOs can process enrollment forms, applications, medical records, pre-authorization forms, credentials, checks, remittance documents, and explanation of benefits documents more efficiently through one capture process and with greater accuracy than ever before.

The functionality and flexibility of ibml capture solutions is ideal for processing claims for medical, dental, prescriptions, workers compensation, auto, life and property. Our solutions also are proven in enrollment, credentialing, records management, premium processing, and customer service.

Enhance customer service

Enhance customer service

Speed up claims handling and improve response time to customers by capturing information as quickly as possible and delivering it to customer service staff.

Empower better decision-making

Enable adjusters and other staff across the organization to make timelier, better informed decisions by capturing more information from every channel, and delivering it faster to the key decision makers.

Optimize operational efficiency

Eliminate document processing inefficiencies with advanced capture features such as virtual batching, automated document classification, data capture and validation, document out sorting, and centralized scanning administration and analytics.

Reduce costly exceptions

Catch exceptions before they cost you. Superior image quality, patented detection of piggy-backed documents, best-in-class image manipulation tools, and automated data validation all work together to greatly reduce the chances of downstream exceptions.

Establish a ‘Capture Center of Excellence’

Achieve economies of scale and free agents and other field personnel to focus on value-added activities by processing multiple document-driven applications in a Shared Services environment.

Mitigate risk and compliance issues

Mitigate risk and compliance issues

Stay ahead of data thieves and auditors with role-based access restrictions, complete audit trails, activity logging, data encryption, and centralized administrator security controls and visibility.

ibml-as-a-service (iaaS)

Harness the Latest Technology
Without the Upfront Costs

Gain an unbeatable technological advantage while freeing up your cash flows. With the new ibml-as-a-service, you can utilize ibml’s cutting-edge capture technology on a pay-as-you-go basis by opting for fixed quarterly payments. With greater flexibility and freedom, you’ll be able to avoid high CAPEX costs, preserve cash for other core growth initiatives, and customize, scale and bundle your technology subscription to fit individual needs. Plus, your investment is 100% tax deductible and eligible for upgrades or new features at any time.

How the iaaS subscription process works:

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