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How Data Capture Technology Can Benefit Local Government

Providing superior public records management can be achieved by upgrading to modern data capture technology. Outdated image capture methods aren’t ideal for fast-paced, high-priority government work.

Many state departments can benefit from modern capture solutions. These up-to-date methods can be used for tax forms, license applications, eligibility documents, public sector records and more. Modernizing data capture and storage strategies can help you meet the challenge of reducing budgets, while simultaneously improving operations.

3 Ways Data Capture Technology Can Benefit Local Government Entities

Government work is paper-intensive.

By automating the capture, organization and validation of forms, local government entities can better serve their communities. Some features of modern capture solutions are especially beneficial:

  1. Reduce operational budgets. Save government time and money by virtually batching labor-intensive documents and forms. With data capture technology, tedious paperwork processes are quick and easy. Plus, the elimination of downstream exceptions reduces the need for human intervention and the potential for clerical error.
  2. Enhance access to information. Digitizing public records makes documents readily accessible to constituents and other government agencies. And for many, transparency and communication are cornerstones of ideal government entities. Data capture software can keep information easily accessible, even as new batches of information are consistently received. This puts documents directly at the fingertips of whoever is searching for them. High-quality information can then be easily shared, encouraging collaboration and community.
  3. Improve records management. Physically storing large amounts of documentation wastes office space. Plus, physical storage requires large amounts of paper, which can drive up operating costs. Storing important government documents also makes them susceptible to data theft, creating security issues. But alternatively, having to pay for additional storage is a huge financial burden for small government institutions. Data capture technology allows government agencies to store a wide range of documents digitally. This way, security threats are minimized and paper costs become obsolete.

Solve Government Clerical Problems with Data Capture Technology

Local government departments process and sort a wide variety of forms. Whether you need to enhance constituent access to information, cut operational costs or manage records more efficiently, ibml can help. Before excessive paperwork becomes a problem, ibml can help organize your agency.

We provide solutions for:

  • Physical document storage
  • Data retrieval
  • Reducing downstream exceptions

If you are interested in seeing ibml in the field, check out our work with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

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