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4 Essential Features of Document Imaging Software

Going through one filing cabinet after another to locate important documents drains time, finances, and other resources from your organization. The most productive companies realize the disadvantages of manual information storage and are using document imaging software solutions to instantly find the information they need.

4 Document Imaging Software Solutions for Your Office

Not only do document imaging solutions streamline workflow, but they also enable you to quickly gain access to the information and data you need. For better business outcomes, consider technology that provides:

  1. Security – First and foremost, you need to ensure that your information is protected. Document imaging software can help by applying authorized access and feature rights like moving, deleting, or restoring specific documents or folders. Document imaging software solutions are also compliant with key recordkeeping standards like HIPAA and SEC, so you can quickly and easily ensure that your documents follow federal regulations.
  2. Text Search – One reason many companies turn to document imaging software solutions is because document imaging allows them to immediately access important information and data. Using optical character recognition (OCR), document imaging software provides users with the ability to search for specific keywords or phrases inside a document. Additionally, users can pinpoint text with document imaging software with preconfigured searches, or through associated metadata.
  3. Annotations – One important function that document imaging software solutions offer is the ability to annotate documents. Annotation allows users to work together to modify different documents in your organization’s repository. The best document imaging software generally comes with a host of different annotation features like sticky notes, stamps, and text or comment boxes. Annotations can also serve as bookmarks, which makes it easier for users to find specific document sections.
  4. High-Volume Capture – Good document imaging solutions will give you the ability to store, access and modify all your documents on demand. Additionally, imaging software can also give your users the ability to import documents as individual sheets, or as a complete batch of documents.

Looking for the Right Document Imaging Software? Say Hello to ibml.

By providing simple, seamless, and streamlined solutions, ibml helps you reduce expensive document prep costs and significantly improve workflow. This is done through:

  • Seamless multi-channel ingestion of any paper or electronic document.
  • Recognition, extraction, and data analysis at the earliest point of ingestion.
  • Intelligent classification and data extraction for unstructured and structured documents.
  • Best-in-class administration, security, control, compliance, notifications, and total process reporting.

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