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3 Ways to Effectively Measure ROI on Intelligent Capture Software

Measuring ROI on intelligent capture software is imperative to ensure company success. You want to know if technology’s performance meets the monetary investment, especially when investing in a costly software system.

Additionally, measuring ROI can determine company performance, profitability, and goal alignment. ROI results can reveal the processes and solutions in place that are contributing to the success of your organization, as well as those that need a strategy adjustment.

3 Questions to Walk Through When Measuring ROI on Intelligent Capture Software

To accurately measure ROI on technological investments, it’s important to keep tabs on company operations. By walking through a few specific questions, you can determine if you’re gaining the most out of intelligent capture software:

  1. Are you maximizing company resources? Intelligent capture software serves as a centralized system that eliminates buying multiple systems for various documents. Everything is in one place and easy for employees to access. When employees are not spending hours going through stacks of paper, they have more time to complete high-priority tasks.
  2. Has your organization experienced improved levels of data accuracy? In addition to allocating employee resources elsewhere, automated data capture requires little to no manual intervention, resulting in fewer data errors. Manual entries often end in misplaced or inaccurate information. These mistakes result in more downstream exceptions and reprocessed files. Intelligent information capture software automates data intake, increasing information accuracy.
  3. Have you noticed more robust security? Measuring ROI on intelligent capture software typically involves a closer look at your organization’s data security. Intelligent information capture software delivers a secure route for confidential files. Centrally located within one platform, files can only be accessed by authorized employees. As opposed to paper documents that may be unlocked in file cabinets, intelligent capture software provides high security for confidential records when dealing with both internal and external stakeholders.

Maximize ROI for Your Enterprise

Enterprises want to profit from investments. By properly measuring ROI on intelligent capture software, you can feel confident in your technology investments and make the case to corporate decision-makers for expanding your software and capture suite.

At ibml, our software accelerates document turnaround, reduces cost, and eliminates downstream exceptions. We know what it takes for your business to succeed.

We offer solutions designed to meet the needs of various industries, including:

To proactively measure ROI on your company’s information capture software, contact ibml today.

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