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ibml Capture Suite Release Notes 5.3.0 – Effective 09/22/2023

September 27, 2023

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

Capture Suite Module: Job Setup

  • With a job open, if a tile of the SoftTrac PostScan Setup tab is viewed and then closed without making any changes, the job may indicate that modifications need to be saved.
    • Issue correction is for new jobs only.
    • After this version is installed, saving an existing job that is marked as having changes corrects for this issue.

Capture Suite Module: Scan Client

  • Job with Fine Sort enabled:
    • the Out of Order Alert does not accept manual barcode entry.
    • after manually entering the expected barcode on the alert dialog, if an operator scans a document and the barcode value is not detected or read, a “DCN Not Found” alert is displayed and the Barcode Override doesn’t work.
    • when replacing or deleting documents marked as “Barcode Not Read,” an “OnAttributeErros” error displays, and the “Next Pass” button is unavailable.
    • a condition existed in which multiple non-matched documents in Pass 1 resulted in a keyword error when Pass 2 was attempted.

Capture Suite Module: Admin Console

  • Admin Console Launch time could exceed a couple of minutes in cases of databases with hundreds of users and hundreds of scan jobs.
  • The Admin Console application encounters an unhandled exception when attempting to set passwords with a length of 32 characters that include special characters.

For complete details, download the full product release here: ReleaseNotes 5.3.0.

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