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Key Traits of Truly Intelligent Scan and Capture Technology

Intelligent scan and capture technologies have significantly improved document-driven processes in the financial sector and other industries. By dramatically reducing the volume of downstream exceptions, intelligent document scanning lowers operating costs and improves operational performance.

But here’s the catch: The push for smarter scanning technology has resulted in a flood of solutions in the marketplace, many of which lack the robust capabilities of genuinely intelligent scanner software. To reduce exceptions and achieve measurable operational improvement, organizations need to know how to identify the essential characteristics of intelligent scan and capture technology.

Why Intelligent Scan and Capture Technologies Matter to Your Enterprise

Exceptions are a major source of inefficiency in ECM environments. According to Forrester research, as much as 25 percent of all document-driven processes require structured human interactions to resolve exceptions – up to 10 percent require ad hoc interactions and 5 percent require the involvement of supervisors.

Intelligent scan and capture technology mitigate the risk that exceptions pose to process efficiency. Rather than handling exceptions post-scan, intelligent scanner software starts resolving issues at the point the document enters the organization via the mailroom, email, mobile scanner or other channel. By capturing data at the beginning of the process, organizations can apply business rules and avoid interventions downstream.

The bottom line? Intelligent scan and capture technology reduce costs by eliminating manual interactions post-scan. It also introduces a new level of efficiency and a higher level of accuracy to the organization’s entire ECM environment.

Must Have Intelligent Scan and Capture Characteristics

Distinguishing genuine intelligent document scanning solutions from pretenders can be difficult, especially since the marketplace is filled with vendors that haphazardly slap an “intelligent” label on anemic, conventional products.

At ibml, we equip enterprises with best-in-class intelligent scan and capture technology. Over the years, we’ve developed a list of criteria to simplify your organization’s search for robust intelligent scanning products.

In our experience, truly intelligent scanners:

  • Automate business rules. Intelligent document scans automate the application of predefined business rules early – not after the scanner has been turned off.
  • Provide robust inline functionality. Look for scanners that offer a complete range of inline functions, including inline document recognition, classification and data extraction.
  • Enable proper feeding. Ideally, your scanner should allow for left-justified document feeding. Why? Because it minimizes prep time, reduces jams, and streamlines mixed batches.
  • Offer automated separating and sorting. To ensure operational efficiency, intelligent scan and capture technology automate the physical separation and sorting of documents into distinct trays.

Ready to Make Intelligent Scan and Capture Work for Your Organization?

Intelligent scan and capture technology can play an important role in managing costs and improving the performance of your ECM operation.

ibml is a leader in intelligent document scanning. Designed to integrate with your legacy systems, our intelligent scanners and software are built to handle the challenges of organizations that require a better approach to high-volume, high-speed document management and information capture.

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