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ibml Capture Suite Release Notes 5.2.1 – Effective 04/20/2023

May 3, 2023

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

Capture Suite Module: PostScan Process; Job Setup

  • When testing a high-resolution image with PostScan, Image Manipulation, Color Detection option, an “Out of Memory Exception” error is displayed.

Capture Suite Module: Scan Client

  • When in Insert Mode, a keyword using month and minutes modifiers are being overwritten.

Capture Suite Module: Batch Input; Job Setup

  • An underscore character, or a “$” character, is being added to the end of an edit box batch input string when the edit box is using the “regular” mask type setting.

Capture Suite Module: Admin Console

  • Active Directory: “An error has occurred trying to retrieve the groups in the Active Directory Tab. An item with the same key has already been added.” error displayed.

Capture Suite Module: Job Setup: Client Reports

  • When Finnish country formatting is used in Windows’ regional settings, it causes issues with job setup and client reporting.

For complete details, download the full product release here: iCS Release Notes 5.2.1

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