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5 Ways Document Management Software Streamlines Your Onboarding Process

You put a lot of time and effort into winning new business. But your onboarding process is undoing all that effort.

The onboarding process for many businesses is long, inconvenient, and complicated. Mistakes are easy to make and immediately shake customers’ confidence. It’s not uncommon for customers to become so frustrated, they abandon the process altogether.

Many onboarding problems lead back to one root cause. With information coming from multiple delivery channels, businesses struggle to collect, capture and manage it all.

Without the right technology, these simple processes become big hassles. Your team spends their time shuffling documents, rekeying forms, and organizing inputs to turn data into usable information.

Solve this challenge with cloud capture technology.

Automate Customer Onboarding with Cloud Capture Technology

Humanize your customer onboarding by automating the process with cloud capture technology. Streamline the process and improve onboarding in five major ways.

  1. Enable customers to interact how they want. Customers crave convenience. They know they can research products, make purchases and check on order statuses anytime and anywhere from their mobile device. Why force them into outdated onboarding processes? Instead, give customers what they expect. Since cloud capture consolidates documents no matter the platform, you can give your customers that personalized experience. They get a convenient way to submit information. You get organized information and a happy customer.
  2. Simplify information capture. Customer onboarding is a catch-22. While you need to collect as much information as possible for a new account, few customers have the patience to complete multiple forms. The more forms and fields they have to fill out, the likelier they are to put it off or even abandon it altogether. And it just gets worse when they have to share the same information across multiple forms. Cloud capture provides seamless integration with your downstream systems. Customers only need to fill out their important details once, and everyone with the right permissions can access that information. Need additional forms? Prepopulate them with the customers’ information for a simpler, easier process.
  3. Reduce errors. Manual data entry and information rekeying increase the likelihood of human error. The more times you handle information, the more likely something changes or goes missing. From name misspellings to incorrect Social Security numbers, errors are inconvenient when caught early, but problematic when missed. An automated cloud capture solution can extract information from documents, bypassing manual data entry. Machine learning improves information recognition over time, further reducing errors and the need for human intervention.
  4. Provide visibility. No one likes to be left in the dark. Traditional onboarding makes it hard for customers to know where they stand in the process. What information are they missing? Have they submitted everything? What comes next? And with poorly integrated systems causing long wait times, customers reach out for status updates. Pausing to service customers and tracking down information updates slows work even further. Cloud capture technology unifies your systems and gives customers (and your team) visibility throughout the process. Robotic process automation (RPA) integrates cloud capture solutions with legacy systems to ensure onboarding information is up to date throughout your ecosystem.
  5. Accelerate the onboarding process. Why can customers get pre-qualified for a home loan within minutes, but it takes weeks to complete the onboarding process? It’s easy to blame document overload, but the real culprit is the piecemeal approach to gathering data. Businesses rely on disparate point solutions and closed-loop networks that can’t keep up. Each system comes with its own unique authentication, operational requirements, file formats, and integrations. Information capture slows to a crawl. Data silos abound. Make customer information easily accessible to your team with cloud capture technology. Seamless integration with line-of-business applications and CRM platforms means capturing information only once. No more data latency—just timely information when and where you need it.

You’ve put all the upfront work into getting the customer—don’t let your customer onboarding process become another roadblock.

Automate your onboarding process with cloud capture technology.

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