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ibml launches new Cloud Capture platform offering customers an on-demand intelligent, ‘pay for what you need’ SaaS document processing system

January 27, 2021

Innovative unified cloud-native solution combines Data Capture powered by Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Content Management to extract valuable information from any source of business input.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, – ibml, a leading provider of intelligent information capture solutions, announces today the launch of our cloud-native SaaS platform which enables enterprises to intelligently capture, process and manage content from any source using an on-demand scalable ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model based on document volumes and features used.

The ibml Cloud Capture platform is a unique system designed to provide document process automation in one single modern unified environment, enabling customers to accelerate digital transformation by simplifying data capture from numerous business systems. Flexibility is also provided by enabling remote work to happen in a secure environment.

According to Gartner, cloud adoption is now considered mainstream with organizations rapidly increasing their reliance on cloud technologies. The worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow over 80% by 2022 to total $354.6 billion, up from $196.7 billion in 2018. Cloud application services (SaaS) are by far the largest segment of this with IT teams rushing to embrace cloud-built applications and relocate existing digital assets.

ibml Cloud Capture allows enterprises to escape from the historical lock-in of traditional capture and ECM systems characterized by high total cost of ownership with content and metadata mixed with proprietary APIs and databases. These systems are architected using older technologies resulting in expensive and lengthy upgrade cycles.

ibml Cloud Capture is the total opposite. Taking just days to implement, customers own their data, no proprietary formats are required, and integration is therefore seamless with any line of business application. The platform helps drive digital transformation by handling all types of forms and documents including unstructured, semi-structured and structured content and allowing scalability as required.

Susheel John, ibml’s vice president of marketing and strategy, explains, “This could be because of the seasonal nature of a business, a specific discrete campaign or in response to the economic climate. With a Cloud Native system like ibml Cloud Capture, there’s no IT infrastructure requirement, no complex software updates, licensing limitations or integration challenges and customer instances can be scaled on demand when more compute and storage is required thereby generating faster ROI.”

ibml Cloud Capture also addresses other challenges associated with data capture such as manual processes leading to data inaccuracies which can result in missed SLAs, possible financial penalities and – worst case – even customer loss.

ibml Cloud Capture is a standalone capture solution meaning it is scanner agnostic and supports hardware from other OEMs that offer industry standard TWAIN drivers. It also enables organizations to automate document handling processes using the built-in machine learning and Robotic Process Automation technologies within the platform.

ibml Cloud Capture is perfect for organizations in any industry vertical and ideal for a range of business workflows including handling of accounts payable and receivable, claims processing, loans and mortgage applications, case management, along with customer, vendor and HR onboarding.

A unified 3-in-1 platform

ibml Cloud Capture comprises three core services to make deploying information capture and management – using the cloud – quick and easy:

Capture services. Any information from any source – emails, faxes, online forms, scanned data – can be captured, ingested, classified and data extracted using machine learning. The ibml Cloud Capture system ‘learns’ based on content handled and historical tagging to make this a super-fast, accurate and reliable process, reducing the need for human intervention.

Process services. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – one of the fastest growing areas in the global enterprise software market – is used with ibml Cloud Capture to automate the mundane, repetitive and error prone tasks involved with data entry typically done by humans. It is the first unified platform on the market to combine capture with RPA.

RPA also aids the integration of legacy business systems – and getting data into them – without the need for complex APIs to be written as well as for driving and integrating with BPM tools.

Susheel John explains, “Historically if you wanted to import information from a capture solution to a business application, you’d have to manually rekey it in or cut and paste items or undertake custom software integration. Using RPA, you teach a robot to do what a human does using the user interface of the business application. The ‘bots’ then go to work freely. This  frees up valuable human resources to focus on customer relationship, revenue enhancement opportunities and so on.’

Content services. Integral to ibml Cloud Capture are the content management features that allow the secure storage and retrieval of any content in a Microsoft repository such as SharePoint or Azure Blob storage.

Where firms use Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 or SharePoint – which most organizations now do – ibml Cloud Capture leverages this investment and connects seamlessly providing the ability to search, find and view from ibml Cloud Capture. This allows documents to be retrieved quickly based on tagged document data. It also enables users to effortlessly sort and filter document data and dynamically edit and share it with others. ibml Cloud Capture can also integrate with other legacy ECM systems organizations may already have such as Alfresco, IBM FileNet Content Manager, Open Text Documentum and others.

Martin Birch, President and CEO of ibml explains, “ibml Cloud Capture has been developed to provide unmatched flexibility and security. Our solution is architected so that all the data and documents reside on the customers’ own on-premise or cloud infrastructure and only pass through the ibml platform for processing, which ensures our customers’ data is always secure and that they have complete control. We are excited to bring to the market an innovative platform that combines data capture powered by machine learning, Robotic Process Automation, and                  Content Services that together will help our customers accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

Pricing and availability

ibml Cloud Capture is available today based on a ‘pay for what you need’ annual subscription model given the volume of documents processed and the features used within the platform.



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