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Is Your Cloud Document Management Platform Lying to You? Discover the 9 Giveaways

When looking for a document processing platform, it’s easy to fall into traps. You may think you’re taking the right step toward upgrading, but the wrong solution can cost you—and your business. Don’t get tangled in a web of lies. Read on for 9 ways to detect if your cloud capture platform is lying to you.

1. Is it truly a cloud-native data platform or simply masquerading as one?

Cloud-hosted or cloud-based does not equal cloud-native—and the difference matters. Only cloud native is built to scale up or down instantaneously while remaining the most secure due to recurring, automatic updates.

2. Are you sure that you own your document content? You might be surprised to find out the answer.

You may think you’re in command of your data, but if you read the fine print closely, you may realize you’ll have to pay a steep fee to get access if you decide to change solutions.

3. Are you stuck in a rigid contract or can you change easily?

When the market shifts, having the ability to add or remove volume or features as needed is non-negotiable. With a flexible solution, you gain the freedom to adjust at any time.

4. How fast does your current document automation platform deploy? Months or days?

A lengthy deployment of several months or more defeats the purpose of the investment—don’t wait. Get a solution that allows you to deploy in as little as a day for quick wins.

5. Do you need expert coding to create bots or integrate systems?

What may be sold as simple, might actually require extensive, costly programming expertise to build your platform correctly. With a pre-integrated platform, you’ll configure easily without the stress, costs or extra IT.

6. Can you scale instantly?

Market fluctuations cause panic when your volumes dwindle and you’re stuck with high-cost, unused infrastructure Adapt instantly with a truly nimble cloud-native solution built to accommodate every season of your business.

7. Can you add unlimited bots or users?

When you need more functionality, you shouldn’t have to pay extra. Add as many users and bots as you need to boost your workflow efficiency.

8. Are you able to access your document content from anywhere?

On-prem solutions can limit your access to a certain specific location. Get instant, secure access for everyone from any location, anytime, anywhere in the world

9. Does your platform cover the entire document lifecycle?

Other platforms may only offer a single feature like capture or process automation, leading you into an integration nightmare. Why not go with one that saves time and covers the entire content lifecycle? Modernize and get capture, process, and management all in one seamless solution.

Don’t Settle for Platforms that Fall Short

With ibml Cloud Capture, the truth is in the experience. Capture, process and manage easily on one, seamless document management platform built to outperform and exceed your content processing needs. With ICC, you’re always in command. You own the data. You choose the features. And you determine your pace.

Explore Cloud Capture

Convinced about the cloud, but not sure which cloud platform type would be right for you? Check out our blog to learn the differences between the cloud types available in the market today.

Powered for the Unpredictable
Gain Control with ibml Cloud Capture

Only ibml offers a super-fast, highly scalable cloud native document management solution that covers your full document lifecycle. With ibml Cloud Capture, you’ll gain full speed and control over your content, because this platform was simply born for it. With ICC, you’re always in command. You own the data, You choose the features. And you determine your pace.

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