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How to Transform Digital Mailroom With Advanced Capture Software

Digital mailrooms handle high volumes of data from multiple channels. Even more, this data requires delivery to downstream systems in an efficient, effective manner. To keep up with the steady influx of data, you need advanced technology that organizes and presents information in a way that is useful to your organization.

How Advanced Capture Solutions Transform Your Digital Mailroom

Your enterprise relies heavily on efficient mailroom management. After all, data provides actionable insights, allowing you to develop successful business strategies. Unfortunately, using antiquated, manual data management methods wastes time and valuable company resources.

However, there is a solution. Advanced capture technology takes the guesswork out of data management, simplifying tasks like scanning and archiving. Automated solutions empower companies to stay organized, giving you the ability to act on the valuable insights gleaned from data – enabling intelligent mailroom scanners, like the ibml Fusion, that are more efficient than ever before:

  • Faster Processing Cycle Times – Manual data scanning means manual sorting, classification and more. Digital solutions rapidly batch, scan and capture information. This accelerated organization means less time spent processing data. The result? Timely information that employees can use to achieve desired business outcomes.
  • Streamline Security and Industry Compliance – Every sector has mandated compliance standards to safeguard data. Manual processing introduces several security issues, putting your organization at risk for non-compliance fines. Robust capture technology provides role-based access to information, robust audit trails, activity logging and data encryption to secure sensitive information.
  • Fewer Downstream Exceptions – Outdated image capture technology can’t effectively organize the various types of documents your organization receives. This means employees must address data manually, consuming an inordinate amount of time and resources. Advanced capture solutions create fewer exceptions for your digital mailroom by classifying documents based on logos and text descriptions. This pattern-based approach easier to manage, and yields more accurate results.

Improve Your Digital Mailroom Software With ibml

At ibml, we understand the importance of robust, reliable data capture. Across a range of industries, we deliver intelligent capture solutions guaranteed to streamline data management for growing businesses.

Our platform processes various types of forms and unstructured documents, including:

  • Checks and Remits
  • Invoices and Taxes
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Census Forms
  • Insurance Claims
  • Legal Documents

Our top-tier technology is used in some of the world’s most data-rich environments. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we custom-fit technology based on your organization’s individual needs, reducing the need for manual document classification and intervention.

Your digital mailroom is about to achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency. To learn more about ibml, contact us today.

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