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How intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions streamline data management

As companies and organizations across banking, insurance, healthcare, and other industries are bombarded with high volumes of data, intelligent capture solutions are crucial tools for staying competitive. Businesses need advanced technology that not only keeps track of incoming data but organizes and presents it in palatable ways that are useful. Without intelligent document capture solutions, companies waste time and money mismanaging data, ultimately damaging customer relationships.

3 Ways Intelligent Capture Solutions Streamline Data Management

Intelligent capture solutions are more than just high-resolution scanners. Smart technology empowers companies to stay organized and act on valuable insights gleaned from data, all while focusing on core business goals – that probably doesn’t involve manually scanning and sorting through documents.

  • Multiple Channel Input – In today’s business environment, data comes from everywhere: email, mobile devices, physical documents, fax services, and more. Without intelligent document capture solutions, pulling documents from multiple sources can quickly become a nightmare. Advanced technology recognizes and classifies documents from a wide range of paper and electronic sources, eliminating confusion and drastically reducing document processing time.
  • Fewer Downstream Exceptions – Outdated image capture technology isn’t ideal for organizing the various document types that must be captured and sorted every day. These legacy solutions are unable to classify every document and create exceptions that must be addressed manually, wasting time and money. Intelligent capture solutions use advanced technology to classify documents based on images like logos or text descriptions (like “patient number” or “invoice amount”). This pattern-based approach is easier to manage and yields more accurate results, even for documents that don’t fit neatly into a recognizable template.
  • Easily Accessible and Organized Data – Data is useless if it can’t be made sense of easily. Companies often waste efforts using old capture solutions, saving every document without effective organization. Instead, businesses can use intelligent data capture solutions to organize and index data in the most efficient manner. Intelligent document capture technology automatically extracts information to searchable PDFs, and on databases in applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and more. This allows organizations across industries to pull valuable insights from big data, providing improved customer service.

Top-Notch Intelligent Capture Solutions by ibml

No matter what industry, ibml provides the most advanced, efficient intelligent capture solutions to streamline data management for businesses.

Every day, ibml’s top-notch technology is used worldwide in the most data-heavy environments. Our proven methodology can be custom-fit to any organization, reducing document preparation and improving operational control and visibility.

We offer a wide range of image capture technology and provide outsourced services including document imaging and indexing, workflow integration, and secure document and media destruction.

To learn more about how ibml can help your business, consult an information capture expert today.

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