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ImageTrac Solutions

Organizations everywhere are struggling with information chaos. The volume of information they receive is often beyond their ability to control. This slows down business processes, drives up costs, and increases the risk of non-compliance. Paper documents can be even more difficult to control, especially if you’re still using scanners that only take pictures and pass the intelligent capture processing down the line to a server.

ibml has once again streamlined this document capture process. Introducing the ImageTrac Series 6,000, the latest intelligent scanning and capture solution from the leader in high-volume information capture. ibml’s intelligent ImageTrac scanner with soft trac capture, suite extracts data and applies complex business rules right at the scanner. It saves time and money while providing the best quality images and data for

high-volume capture operations. Let’s take a closer look at the ImageTrac Series 6,000. Improving your business operation begins with expediting the document prep process by utilizing a left-justified document feeder. Document preppers can quickly align documents of standard and intermixed sizes in the same batch, resulting in reduced overhead time and cost. Once documents are loaded on the ImageTrac they’re imaged at rapid speeds, over 400 pages per minute, resulting in faster ingestion to the workflow and enabling users to process more work using fewer scanners. Superior bi-tonal, grayscale, and color imaging technology translates into more accurate data extraction and image archiving. Intelligent data capture options, such as barcode, MICR, OCR, and ICR can be added and configured for scan time recognition. This enables the operation to easily audit scanned documents, physically sort selected pages into trays, and reduce click charges incurred by other capture systems. ImageTrac Solutions are quickly deployed in production environments, requiring only minimal operator training.

ibml’s intuitive, soft trac scan software is easily learned by operators, and the open trac design makes for much more efficient recovery from stops or jams. With an unlimited duty cycle the ImageTrac performs reliably day in and day out. Images and data captured on the ImageTrac are then processed through ibml’s post-scan capture software workflow, which includes quality control, validation, soft trac synergetics, IDR, and other post-scan imaging tools. System administrators can monitor and report on the end-to-end capture workflow using soft trac analytics. The purified data and images are sent to the next step, often an ECM system, a financial application, or a business workflow.

Thanks to the ImageTrac Solution, costly post-capture exceptions are greatly reduced. The ImageTrac Series 6,000 is an ideal scanning solution for a wide range of document-driven applications, including check and remittance processing, healthcare claims processing, tax processing, census, mortgage processing, insurance application processing, and image archival. These are some of the reasons why the ImageTrac is the global leader among ultra-high-speed scanners. The ImageTrac continues year after year to win the document manager award for the best high-volume scanning platform in the industry. Contact an ibml capture expert or one of our partners to learn more about how the ImageTrac Series 6,000 can streamline your document processing operations and help you to gain control over information chaos.

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