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ibml Fusion Solutions Video

ibml Fusion Solutions Video

ibml Fusion Solutions Video

Harness the game-changing intelligence and unprecedented speed of the ibml FUSiON to transform your organization into a powerhouse of decision-making efficiency.

The volume of unstructured information is exploding, and paper processes are a major barrier to streamlined operations in the mailroom and beyond. Today, most mailrooms are using several different devices to scan and properly sort the variety of documents used throughout the business. Several devices require extra real estate, maintenance, and operating costs, on top of pre-scan, manual sorting, which can slow down the mailroom, increase overhead, and reduce the volume of information processed by a business. Current paper to digital processes and the security risks of outdated devices indicate the need to break these barriers. The next innovation in capture technology is here. Introducing ibml Fusion.

Fusion is designed to help you consolidate infrastructure, accelerate processes, and outperform your industry. Fusion is the next step forward in scanning intelligence, designed with users at the forefront. Every area of the scanner has been designed intuitively to improve comfort, access, and daily operation for every user. By increasing visibility, from both ends highlighting interaction points and simplifying controls operators can speed up their workflow, improve efficiency, and reduce training time.


Shifting to one infrastructure for all of your capture needs allows you to radically reduce real estate, labor, and maintenance costs while pushing productivity forward. Discover post-scan lists with advanced sorting capabilities. Faster, more intelligent sorting recognizes and classifies document types, shrinking your share of manual post-scan labor. Accelerate processes in your workflow with faster scanner speed, error, recovery, and automated exception handling. Spotting unfilled, critical fields and incomplete documents in real-time gives you the power to dramatically reduce customer turnaround times. Left, justified, and intermixed document feeding ensures every piece of information gets to its destination over 20% faster. Advanced pre and post-scan options are available to intelligently extract information about each document. 76% of the total cost of scanning is spent on pre and post-scanning processes.


With ibml Fusion, three scanning processes have never been simpler. With feeder back-filling and intuitive feeder controls, your operators stay ahead of the upcoming jobs and reduce machine downtime. Precisely engineered paper tracks and compartmentalized airflow assures the highest level of reliability. In the event of an error, Fusion is designed to have the fastest and most intelligent error recovery system on the market. The all-new led status indicators highlight where a stoppage has occurred. Flashing indicators direct to the operator to the exact location for recovery.


Fusion recognizes and classifies document types, sorting to assigned pockets while being deeply prepared for boxing, shrinking your share of manual post-scan labor costs. With advanced recognition classification and extraction skills, ibml Capture Suite analyzes documents in mind in real time for immediate downstream use so you can take action sooner. Protect your network against threats with the latest operating system, Vericode level four certified secure capture suite software, and role-based user access controls. With powerful, robust, and secure software ibml Fusion stops errors in their tracks and maximizes data handling the tension. Every Fusion is built specifically for your needs. Customize the number of pockets, pocket depth, software information readers, and more with the opportunity to upgrade at any time. Revolutionize your document capture systems, consolidate your infrastructure, accelerate your processes, and outperform your industry with ibml Fusion.



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