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Accelerate cash flow while reducing operational costs

Revenue cycle management is more critical than ever in today’s fast-changing healthcare market.

That’s why ibml offers an outsourced healthcare revenue cycle management service that helps providers receive, post and reconcile receivables transactions, and manage denials. The service manages all electronic and paper-based payments from patients, insurers and private payers.

Providers can choose from several different capabilities to create a solution that meets their needs.

And you will never pay support costs with our healthcare revenue cycle management service.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

ibml’s revenue cycle management service converts all elements of a healthcare transaction, including paper-based explanation of benefits (EOB) documents, into a postable 835 electronic format. We also perform ERA and EFT re-association, eliminating processing delays. Transactions that are ready for posting are delivered within moments to your billing or patient management system.

Streamline exceptions handling

Transactions requiring special handling – including denials, secondary billing, reconciliation and re-association and appeals– are made available to you via an easy-to-use online portal. Through our online portal, you can also search and view any 837 and 835 transactions and related information.

Increase profit margins

Our service enables providers to increase profitability by reducing administrative costs, decreasing days in receivables, slashing denied claims and refocusing staff on activities that improve cash flow.

Enhance visibility and reporting

ibml’s healthcare revenue cycle management service provides complete data visibility and reporting as well as extensive audits and controls for the posting and tracking of all transactions. We also provide seven years of secure data storage for your critical receivables transaction information.

Ensure compliance and control

ibml’s healthcare revenue cycle management service is HIPAA-compliant and provides complete audit trails and configurable controls on the posting and tracking of receivables transactions.

Get started fast

Get started fast

Our revenue cycle management service works with all legacy systems and processes, and our platform-independent approach opens a clear and convenient pathway for communications between payers, providers and other stakeholders, regardless of their current data types, document formats or system capabilities. In addition, our extensible “plug and play” framework can support your growth.

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