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3 New Technologies That Make Consolidating Document Capture a Reality

Your mailroom is an essential part of your business. It’s the entry point for hundreds of thousands of pieces of raw data and information. Without an effective mailroom sorting it all, you wouldn’t be able to plan your next week, let alone your financial future.

For a long time, outdated technology forced mailrooms to be inefficient. Employees had to rely on multiple scanners to handle different document sizes and manually key in data. It wasn’t just a waste of time, it was a waste of space, money, and labor.

But that isn’t true anymore. At least, it doesn’t have to be! By using modern hardware and software solutions to consolidate your company’s mailroom infrastructure, you’ll boost efficiency in your mailroom and across your business.

Let’s take a look at a few of the technologies redefining 21st century document capture.

One Machine for All Your Documents

Still using multiple scanners for different types of documents? New high-end capture infrastructure allows your business to rely on a single, intelligent machine that handles all your document types—and even automates other processes, too.

High-capacity scanners, such as the ibml Fusion, can handle all your pre- and post-capture needs thanks to automated classification and sorting. Your mailroom team will improve efficiency due to dramatically accelerated document handling.

All that means is that when you switch to consolidated capture, you won’t only reduce infrastructure costs. You’ll also save on labor, maintenance, and operational expenses, in addition to handling higher volumes more quickly.

Even better, the ibml Fusion is available through ibml’s subscription program called ibml-as-a-Service (iaaS), which allows you to access infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis. With iaaS, you make quarterly or annual payments based on document volume. You can access the fastest, most intelligent scanner on the market and enjoy all the benefits of ownership without a large capital expenditure or long-term commitment to housing hardware.

High-IQ Software

Capture consolidation isn’t just about better physical tech, however. It’s also about smarter software. Modern, all-in-one document capture solutions can handle every document type, including paper or digital, and funnel them from one end of your workflow to the other.

Powerful modules, such as those used by ibml’s Capture Suite, utilize real-time intelligence to sort pages, extract document metadata, flag exceptions, and analyze the efficiency of your entire capture operation.

Software tools such as these enable you to manage high volumes of documents with greater reliability and confidence. This is why consolidation is so much more than a cash-saving strategy. It completely transforms your mailroom.

Cloud-native data processing

What’s better than a Cloud-hosted platform? One that’s Cloud-native. The third major piece of consolidation tech is a Cloud-native platform that provides a seamless, all-in-one solution. It includes a host of features that meet your exact needs, while also being accessible from anywhere.

A robust platform like ibml’s Cloud Capture provides unlimited bots that can be used to automate and accelerate your most repetitive tasks. Your captured documents can then be centralized in a single secure repository, like MS SharePoint, that your team can access anywhere.

And the biggest advantage is you only pay for the features and volume that you actually use, giving your business the flexibility to scale up or down, as needed.

When it comes to efficiently managing your data, it all eventually comes back to the mailroom. That’s the entry point for most of the essential information your business needs to act on.

Consolidation technology gives you the chance to finally take full control of your document capture processes. By introducing better hardware, smarter software, and a robust cloud-native platform, your business can stop wasting resources on simply collecting data and start investing in analyzing it.

To learn more, consult with a consolidation expert today.

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