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Digital Pioneer ibml Breaks New Ground in FADGI Verification with ibmlFUSiON and Capture Suite Software

May 18, 2022

FADGI 3-Star Rating Deepens Value of the Most Powerful Capture Technology on the Market

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (PRWEB) May 09, 2022 — Today, ibml, a global market leader in high-volume, mission-critical intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions, introduces ibml Capture Suite (iCS) with FADGI verification. Launched in 2007, FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidance Initiative) sets concrete measurable targets for federal agencies to hit when processing digitized and born-digital historical, archival and cultural content. FADGI standards have taken on more urgency with the U.S. Government’s initiative to stop the flow of analog materials into the National Archives after 2022 – and organizations now have the tools to meet ambitious conversion goals with hardware and software from ibml.

“With digital records taking primacy at the National Archives in 2023, having the capability to digitize analog materials rapidly and effectively is essential,” said Martin Birch, CEO of ibml. “Our products and services are made for such mission-critical applications, and our 3-star FADGI rating positions our scanners and software as ideal solutions for government agencies and other organizations worldwide.”

A FADGI 3-star rating is the most widely adopted and accepted quality for unbound document imaging conversions. The 3-star FADGI standards are comparable to ISO 19264-1 Level B international standards. As such, international customers can benefit by using them to meet and measure high-quality imaging standards in their digitization operations.

The FADGI guidelines, which encompass nearly 100 pages, cover file specifications, color encoding, data storage, physical environment, backup strategies, metadata and workflows. The corresponding evaluation system defines image quality levels from one star to four stars. The higher the star-rating, the higher the image quality and the applicability for different uses. Customers achieve FADGI 3 Star-compliant images by capturing a Golden Thread DICE Test Target through normal scanning operations, and then verifying with the Golden Thread Software.

ibml Capture Suite (iCS) offers a FADGI Verification module designed to allow operators to have an integrated experience between iCS and Golden Thread software. With this module, operators have an integrated single-user experience in iCS allowing them to be productive while consuming the least amount of time in ensuring image quality consistency with this periodic verification. System administrators can determine the periods in which testing needs to be done. iCS also retains images captured and the results from the integrated FADGI verification process as an audit trail for customers to provide compliance.

“In addition to iCS, our ibmlFUSiON scanner makes it easy for customers to scan and achieve the necessary image quality at scale, in the volumes that they need,” said Susheel John, ibml VP of marketing and strategy. “Combined with iCS it makes it easy and effective to measure FADGI image quality standard and maintains an audit trail of all documents being scanned, recording which ones pass or fail so that digitized scans can be verified by users or authorities as needed, and the physical documents can be destroyed to free up valuable office space for other higher value activities.”

The ibmlFUSiON scanner produces the highest quality images that meet FADGI standards, and does it without compromising speeds or supported document sizes, achieving compliance across an unparalleled 13-inch wide scan track. ibml delivered the world’s first and fastest FADGI compliant production scanner at 474 pages per minute speed, and now it combines that power with ease of use through seamless integration with iCS, making it a simple task for organizations to achieve FADGI standards while achieving best-in-class productivity, enabling them to keep up with the volumes of documents that need to be digitized.

About ibml

ibml is the world-class market leader in high-volume, mission-critical intelligent document processing capture solutions. Through the power of speed, intelligence and unsurpassed experience, ibml helps organizations extract valuable information from large volumes of complex documents and accelerate it for immediate use in business applications. The world’s largest enterprises in banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government and BPOs rely on ibml to help overcome their core information management challenges. With a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and services, ibml products can be found in over 80% of the
world’s top mailrooms and in more than 46 countries.

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