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Perfect high-volume document scanning with the

Handle more volume at the industry’s fastest speeds using unparalleled intelligence to both reduce your operational costs and boost capture accuracy.
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ibml FUSiON HD

Incredible Intelligence. Unrivaled Quality.
Unbeatable Speeds.

Digitize your high document volumes quickly and cost-effectively while meeting FADGI 3-star image quality standards.

Beat deadlines with processing speeds up to 730 Pages per minute

Get the highest image quality at the industry’s fastest speed - 600 DPI at 122ppm

Enhance productivity with an intuitive user interface and LED status strip for easy operation and error retrieval

Handle a wider variety of documents and easily retrieve them with an open track design

Minimize document preparation time with left justified feeding

Print audit trails fast with 300 DPI print spray

Enjoy greater uptime through an improved industrial design featuring a separated airflow system to protect electronics chambers from dust

Sort a variety of document types and sizes instantly post-capture by adding multiple sorting pockets

New 600DPI Optical Resolution Camera and FADGI-Compliant Image Verification Module

Accelerated Intelligence.
Astonishing Results.

Organizations have an unprecedented wave of information coming at them – most of it in paper format. How can you rise above? Accelerated capture intelligence. See how The Fusion Process modernizes mailrooms and propels productivity in our free infographic.

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The ibml FUSiON Process Infographic
ibml FUSiON high volume scanner

The ibml FUSiON is significantly better technology than our old iTran scanners. Our lockbox leadership team is confident that the ibml scanners can support the bank’s lockbox business into the future and provide a secure operating environment.

Leading Large Regional US Bank

Meet the First FADGI 3-Star Compliant
Ultra High Speed Scanner

Digitize your content with confidence, uncompromising speed and image quality only with the ibml FUSiON HD. Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) has set specific guidelines on image quality. ibml Fusion is the only FADGI 3-star compliant high-speed scanner on the market, designed with patented hardware and software-based technology. This means no matter how high the speed is, you’re always guaranteed high-quality images compliant with FADGI 3-star standards. Enable operators work more efficiently with an integrated single user experience from ibml Capture Suite. Using the software’s Image Verification module, operators can easily perform periodic quality verification and create audit trails of image quality consistency.

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ibml proudly designs, develops and manufactures our hardware and software in the United States of America.

Why Does a High-Speed Scanner Matter?

Reaching full-scale digital transformation requires a smart strategy to get there. Making the switch to an intelligent, modernized scanner is the ideal first step. Download our free whitepaper, “Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential” to discover:

  • Where exactly your mailroom is leaking profits
  • Ways to consolidate processes and save big
  • How to protect against cyberattacks
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Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper
ibml FUSiON high speed scanner

Do you own an ibml ImageTrac?

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Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential Whitepaper

How can a high-volume document scanner save you money?

Try our free ROI calculator now to find out.

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One Infrastructure.
Endless Benefits.

If you’re currently using multiple scanners and laborers to process documents large and small, you’re throwing away revenue. It’s time to speed up, scale down and save big with the ibml Fusion HD.

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ibml FUSiON Infographic
ibml FUSiON industrial scanner ibml FUSiON high capacity scanner

Don’t Get Stuck in
the Status Quo

ibml FUSiON high speed scanner guide ibml FUSiON high volume scanner guide ibml FUSiON high capacity scanner guide ibml FUSiON industrial scanner guide
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Legacy systems will be on life support soon, leaving you at risk for cyberattacks, high maintenance costs, and business continuity threats. See how you can prevent EOL support with our free short guide.

ibml FUSiON scanner guide

ibml Capture Suite

Robust Data Capture Software for Mission-Critical Applications

Optimize the full strength and intelligence of your scanners with ibml Capture Suite. Robust enough to handle ultra-high-volumes at ultra-high-speeds, while intelligently detecting every detail with astonishing precision.

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ibml-as-a-service (iaaS)

Want the latest, but struggling to find the cash?

Free up your cash flow with ibml-as-a-service – a first-of-its-kind managed services subscription. Now you can harness all of the latest document capture technology without needing to pay for the entire platform upfront.

Customize, scale and bundle at no extra cost

Customize, scale and bundle at no extra cost

Pay-as-you-go quarterly or annual bill

Pay-as-you-go quarterly or annual bill

100% Tax Deductible Investment

100% Tax Deductible Investment

36-72 Month Negotiable Terms with renewal options

36-72 Month Negotiable Terms with renewal options

$0 extra costs versus buying upfront

$0 extra costs versus buying upfront

Frequently Asked Questions

For enterprise processes that involve the capture of thousands of documents daily, a high-speed scanner typically delivers the business a significant ROI by cutting down on the amount of time and employees needed to efficiently capture all the documents. Additionally, the business experiences other beneficial downstream effects such as faster turnaround times, improved decision making, improved vendor and customer relationships, and better quality archival and audit records.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of a commercial high-speed scanner is its reliability. How trusted is the brand in the space? How is their customer service if something goes wrong? No matter how fast your scanner may be upon purchase, if it stops working during operation, the amount of time saved from high speed is negligible. After finding a brand you can trust, the next most important feature to look for is embedded intelligence. A modern scanner with embedded intelligence during document capture will save you significant time on the backend by instantly translating all of your documents into usable data that can harnessed immediately for actionable decision-making in the business.

For light home or office use of only a few documents daily, a desktop scanner should suffice. However, if you need a reliable workhouse scanner that can be trusted to process thousands of documents daily or more, an industrial scanner is a better fit because of the robustness and speed that the machine delivers. The switch to an industrial scanner prevents downtime and also saves the business significant money and manpower in processing information. In many cases, switching to a machine with intelligence and improved document recognition will also save a significant amount of time in uploading the data into your CRMs or enterprise systems and making it immediately available for use.

The Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) has set specific guidelines on image quality for governmental long-term archival. Per the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the government will stop accepting paper records from agencies in June 2024. This means that all records must be digitized to high quality image files (FADGI 3-star = ISO 19264-1 Level B = Metamorfoze Light). Currently, the ibml Fusion is the only FADGI 3-Star compliant high-speed scanner on the market. It comes standard with a FADGI Verification Module to record and report audit trail of image verification with FADGI 3-star standards. This allows users to quickly process their document backlogs without compromising image quality compliance.

The ibml Fusion HD comes standard with all the same speed and benefits of the original ibml Fusion, but with a new 600DPI Optical Resolution Camera added for improved document recognition and long-term archival standards. The ibml Fusion offers the industry’s fastest throughput at 600DPI and a speed of 122 pages per minute, which enables fast digitization at scale for all applications. It also features high quality lossless PNG output and ICC Color profile matching for demanding imaging applications and stringent quality standards. Finally, the ibml Fusion offers image verification module to meet industry’s highest imaging standards like FADGI 3 star ensuring better document recognition and archival quality.

Depending on the model and the number of pockets desired for intermixed document sorting, the ibml Fusion or ibml Fusion HD models range between $200k-$400k+. For businesses looking to lower their CAPEX expenditures, ibml also offers an attractive subscription program called ibml-as-a-service that allows enterprises to benefit from the speed and intelligence of an ibml Fusion scanner at an affordable monthly fee.

ibml offers a service program known as ibml-as-a-service that allows enterprises to benefit from the ROI of an ibml Fusion scanner in their operations, without the high upfront CAPEX cost. Instead, you pay an affordable monthly fee for a set term length of your choosing, with the option to extend or renew at any time.

For agencies or commercial enterprises that have a large backlog of records and/or consistently high volumes of incoming documents, a commercial document scanner is preferred because it can 1) quickly reduce your backlog and speed turnaround times 2) help you meet image quality compliance and auditing requirements 3) lower manual labor and time spent sorting or searching for information.

The best way to optimize your remittance processing and future-proof your operations is to ensure you are using a modern commercial scanner that can maximize data extraction while expanding your services to increase revenue. Right now, most legacy retail lockbox systems are only built to capture what’s printed on a remittance coupon – leaving you with a lot of manual entry. With an industrial scanner designed for lockbox, like the ibml Fusion, you can save time and labor by seamlessly processing checks and full-sized documents together, capturing check and remittance data in a single accelerated workflow. To get even more value and speed, you can further optimize your processes by adding software such as ibml Capture Suite or ICC to extract critical data from invoices, receipts, and other structured or unstructured documents as part of your accounts receivables offering.

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