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ibml Capture Suite Release Notes 5.1.4 – Effective 03/01/23

March 8, 2023

The following summarizes a subset of issues that were corrected in this release:

Capture Suite Module: Scan Client

  • When attempting to open a previously scanned batch and a software parameter file does not exist, several error/warning messages are displayed to the user. Attempting to close the application or the batch results in an “object reference not set” error.
  • German user Sets Batch Status in Scan Client and a “Specified cast is not valid” error displays. “Beim schließen des stapels ist ein problem aufgetreten. (there was a problem closing the batch)”
  • In a job with Logical Pocketing enabled, when an auto-batch header is out-sorted the pocket fill-count resets to zero.

Capture Suite Module: Remote Scanning

  • Remote Scanning, when enabled, is incorrectly using the ‘Batch Name Format’ job field where the ‘Image Destination Format’ job field should have been used.
  • A job with Remote Scanning enabled experiences Demand Feed issues.
  • Batch appears stuck indefinitely in the Batch Upload application, without successful upload.
  • Scan Client closes after clicking “OK” on error message, ” ‘An error was encountered that will require the application to close. Unable to update keywords for DocID0’ “

Capture Suite Module: PostScan Process

  • Batch displays “PostScan Output Error” in Admin Console and “[Error] System.InvalidCastException: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types” in the PostScan Client log.

For complete details, download the full product release here: Release Notes iCS 5.1.4


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