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Expand Your Lockbox Processing with ibml

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The lockbox and remittance processing industry is at a tipping point. Despite the digitizing of payment processing, checks are still prevalent in accounts payable and accounts receivables processes. In fact, 42% of B2B payments are still being made by check.1 Similarly, approximately 19.4 billion US consumer check payments are processed each year, representing fully 5% of all US consumer payments.

To standout in the lockbox industry and future-proof your operations, you need to maximize data extraction efficiency while expanding your services. Most legacy retail lockbox systems are only built to capture what’s printed on a remittance coupon – leaving you with a lot of manual entry.

Additionally, legacy retail lockbox systems are showing their age. Maintenance costs for reader-sorters are increasing and many are reaching their end-of-life.

With all of these added pressures, don’t you think it’s time you powered up your service strategy?

It’s time to accelerate your lockbox processing and expand your services with the world’s fastest and most intelligent document scanning solutions – built to deliver efficiency and open the door to new growth opportunities.

1. 2019 AFP Electronic Payments Survey
2. 2018 Survey of Consumer Payment Choice
3. 2016 Federal Reserve Payments Study


Inefficient Processes

Manual data entry or operator interference slows down your processes and costs you money.

Limited Services

Most legacy retail lockbox systems are built to capture check and remittance coupon data only – leaving operators to manually enter additional data.

Aging Systems

Many reader-sorters are reaching their end-of-life service and maintenance costs are set to increase. Plus, unsupported operating systems open you up to security risks.

Alternative Payment Options

New digital payment methods are expanding, but checks are still prevalent. Between checks and digital processes, you risk underserving on both.

Evolving Methodologies

Clients require business continuity while transitioning from checks to digital payment processing. Aging, disparate legacy systems cannot make this transition.

The ibml Solution

Expedite your current services and penetrate new market opportunities with ibml capture solutions.

FUSiON Scanner

Consolidate Your Infrastructure

Maximize operations by consolidating wholesale and retail lockbox operations onto a modern efficient capture platform that’s already the top choice for wholesale lockbox processing.

Harness Unrivaled Speed

Unleash lockbox processing with the power of ibml. Efficiently accelerate check throughput and intelligent data extraction to replace old reader-sorter technology and expand to other mailroom applications.

Fast-Track Your Operations

Seamlessly process checks and full-sized documents together, capturing check and remittance data in a single accelerated workflow.

Breach New Markets

Grow your deposits and tap into new revenue sources by replacing end-of-life check reader-sorters and legacy devices. Expand your capability to cost-effectively process multiple types of transactions without slowing down.

Keep Pace with the Digital World

Don’t risk your business with outdated technology. Reader-sorters are reaching their end-of-life service contracts and the legacy operating systems they use create significant security risks for your organization. Why not take the opportunity to replace them with forward-thinking, secure technology that meets evolving customer needs?

FUSiON Scanner

Comprehensive Capture

Use ibml Capture Suite and Synergetics for more comprehensive capture capabilities. Extract critical data from invoices, receipts, and other structured or unstructured documents as part of your accounts receivables offering.

Build What You Need

Get standard remittance processing integrations out-of-the-box or build unique integrations based on your requirements with ibml’s integration tools.

ibml-as-a-service (iaaS)

Harness the Latest Technology
Without the Upfront Costs

Gain an unbeatable technological advantage while freeing up your cash flows. With the new ibml-as-a-service, you can utilize ibml’s cutting-edge capture technology on a pay-as-you-go basis by opting for fixed quarterly payments. With greater flexibility and freedom, you’ll be able to avoid high CAPEX costs, preserve cash for other core growth initiatives, and customize, scale and bundle your technology subscription to fit individual needs. Plus, your investment is 100% tax deductible and eligible for upgrades or new features at any time.

How the iaaS subscription process works:


Widen your potential market and extend the services you offer by handling documents for other business processes.

  • Retail lockbox
  • Wholesale lockbox
  • Lending
  • Accounts payable
  • Order-to-cash
  • Records management
  • Legal
  • Contract management
  • Human resources

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