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Is It Time to Invest in Document Capture Solutions for Your Business?

Your business has historically relied on manual data capture solutions as a means of document processing. However, what you might not realize is that paper-based processing is outdated, costly, and seriously inefficient. Sticking to antiquated data capture strategies only has negative repercussions for your business.

The solution? Automated data capture. Document and data capture technology rid your organization of backend inefficiencies by streamlining and improving data processing strategies.

3 Signs You Need Document Capture Solutions

Your business heavily relies on data upkeep. But your manual processing strategy makes it nearly impossible to manage data and documentation in an efficient manner. After relying on the same document processing strategy for years, it’s normal to hesitate when considering new technology.

However, if you’ve experienced common pitfalls associated with manual data management, it’s time to consider intelligent capture solutions:

  1. Manual document processing is time-consuming. Manually processing thousands of documents each month takes up employee time and resources. Not to mention, processing data by hand is more likely to lead to information and keying mistakes. Automated data capture effortlessly processes and classifies all incoming documents, eliminating complicated, error-prone manual entry.
  2. It’s difficult to access information when you need it. Manual data processing means manual storage. If you’ve got filing cabinets stuffed with thousands of documents, chances are you can’t always locate information when you need it. Automated capture solutions eliminate the need for file folders and cabinets, storing information digitally on a secure server. So the next time you need immediate access to data, it’s right at your fingertips.
  3. You’re worried about data security and compliance. Data integrity should always be a top concern. Across industries, strict compliance standards and federal regulations require customer and company data to constantly be protected. Unfortunately, when documents are processed manually, they’re far more susceptible to theft and unauthorized third-party viewing. Automated technology protects data as it’s processed, storing it in a secure location that can only be accessed by authorized employees.

Data Capture Solutions You Can Rely On

At ibml, we understand the importance of robust, reliable data capture. Our intelligent capture solutions completely transform backend processes, increasing operating margins through better capture workflow efficiencies.

Our technology processes forms and unstructured documents including:

  • Checks and Remits
  • Invoices and Taxes
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Census Forms
  • Insurance Claims
  • Legal Documents

Best-in-class scanners and software reduce overhead through data processing and capture and classification during scanning. Additionally, our technology is entirely secure, meeting industry compliance and regulatory mandates, ensuring you stay on the right side of federal law.

Your data processing strategy is about to get a major upgrade. To learn more about ibml’s intelligent data capture solutions, contact us today.

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