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Ensure that your information flow is not disrupted

Organizations cannot afford for their scanning operations to be down.

ibml’s business continuity and disaster recovery services ensure that your information flow continues, regardless of the circumstances.

ibml’s disaster recovery and business continuity services leverage our advanced intelligent data capture software, our category leading high-speed scanning solutions, and our world-class scanning infrastructure and staff.

Meet your unique requirements

Meet your unique requirements

ibml’s business continuity and disaster recovery services can be tailored to the business requirements of organizations of any size, in any vertical market, with any type of data capture requirements. Our experts will work with you to perform a comprehensive needs assessment and disaster planning.

Ensure effective operations

You can rest easy knowing that ibml maintains a comprehensive disaster recovery checklist for each of its clients. We also dedicate conversion capacity to service the needs of each of our customers. In addition, equipment is reserved for each client, and is regularly tested with your data capture processes.

Mitigate risk and compliance issues

Don’t exacerbate the impact of a disaster by relying on risky back-up data capture processes. Our facilities and processes meet or exceed the highest industry standards for security and compliance.

Don’t put your information at risk

ibml offers affordable and flexible contract terms for our disaster recovery services.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services Brochure

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