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ibml Enables Easier Integration of its Intelligent High-Volume Desktop Production Scanners

October 11, 2018

ibml announces today the launch of ISIS and TWAIN drivers for its high-volume desktop production scanners – the ImageTracDS 1155 and ImageTracDS 1210 scanner models – which extends the value of these popular devices by enabling easy integration with most document capture solutions.

The ImageTracDS 1155 scanner is able to process up to 155 pages per minute (ppm) with the ImageTracDS 1210 rated to process up to 210 ppm making it the fastest desktop production scanner in the world.

The scanners are ideal for use in a range of industries.  This includes banking, insurance, healthcare, government and BPOs  where the necessity to lower paper digitizing costs is critical and organizations require a scalable platform which is easy to implement and can be upgraded to automate key business processes at the point of capture.  ibml’s ImageTracDS series scanners are perfect for digital mail rooms and other environments where space is at a premium and the workload high. 

“Our customers can now take advantage of these intelligent scanners to replace existing standard desktop scanners within their existing capture solution, ensuring no productivity loss with existing users” said Ashley Keil, ibml’s sales director, Northern and Western Europe, Africa and India.

Intelligence features designed to cope with the most demanding scanning environments

The staff time to deal with documents pre and post scanning contribute to more than 75% of total cost of scanning. ibml’s intelligent scanning technology helps customers to reduce their total cost of capture by:

  • Re-using separator sheets from large batches reducing costs of separator sheets in scanning;
  • Out sorting to different pockets based on the content of documents reducing post scan document assembly costs:
  • Intelligent exception handling detects errors or missing information in documents early in the capture process to avoid costly repetition;
  • Left-justified feeding simplifies inserting mixed documents into a scanner and helps save time and money as jams are minimized and document preparation time reduced;
  • Intelligent printing based on document content helps secure document capture process and creates audit trails for records management and compliance purposes enabling easier retrieval of physical records.

Customers document capture needs are changing.   While clearly fast scanning for archival purposes is still required, many customers want to augment this and incorporate scanned information directly into their business workflows which by definition have business rules attached to the capture process.  Those business rules can be automated with intelligent scanning technology.

Keil explains, “The DS series enables users to migrate from traditional scanning approaches, which will allow them to use the scanners initially as they use other scanners today and then derive greater value by adding intelligence. ibml’s DS series is a disruptive technology in scanning that delivers greater value and benefits yet with investment similar to our customers current default scanner vendors.”

Keil concludes, “Our DS scanners ultimately help reduce the cost of document scanning and go a long way to future protect users who’s scanning needs are changing day by day as the document management market becomes more focused on day forward business-process based applications. And users get high performance equipment at no extra cost which is obviously key.”

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