Accelerated Mortgage Capture

Take the cost, time and risk out of processing loan applications

ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture software takes the cost, time and risk out of processing loan applications by use of a large library of mortgage-related documents with pre-configured rules. Accelerated Mortgage Capture automatically recognizes hundreds of different mortgage forms and document types and knows which fields to extract. New forms are being added all the time.

Streamlining mortgage document classification and data extraction delivers benefits to:

  • Financial institutions that fund loans
  • Financial institutions that purchase loans
  • Loan servicing companies
  • Compliance auditing organizations
  • Business process outsourcing organizations

Regardless of the role that your organization plays in the loan process, ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture provides your users with the data they need from mortgage files, when they need it.

Increase efficiency and margins

Automating document classification and extraction with ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture reduces manual ‘heads down’ keying and the manual sorting of documents to ensure regulatory compliance. The application works on paper and electronic documents from any source.

Maximize your automation investments

ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture eliminates the time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly process of training systems how to locate and extract required information from mortgage files. This translates into a faster return on investment for your investments in loan processing systems.

Speed information delivery

Accelerated Mortgage Capture exports classified documents and captured data into any downstream system for further processing, including any loan origination system (LOS), mortgage workflow or enterprise content management (ECM) platform or pre- or post-funding mortgage auditing solution.

Enhance customer experience

Classifying loan documents and capturing data from mortgage files quicker provides front-line staff with ready access to information on loan status, and helps eliminate potential funding delays.

Automate all of your documents

Accelerated Mortgage Capture includes an extensive library of documents and business rules, plus new documents can be quickly imported from any scanner or electronic file through an intuitive review and validation process. The application also can be customized for specialized needs.

Improve audit and reporting

Digitizing and electronically storing documents and comprehensive data allows for improved access by auditors and the aggregation of data for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reporting.

Pre-Funded Loan Process Brochure

Accelerated Mortgage Capture Brochure