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Harness the Power of

Harness the Power of

Ignite the fusion of intelligence and speed with a modern ultra-high-volume scanner that sets the standard when it comes to mailroom acceleration.

Incoming information continues to explode – and 60% is in an unstructured format – like paper. How will you manage all of it?
True digital transformation.

Intelligence Unleashed

Intelligence Unleashed

Infuse every process with intelligence. With the ibml Fusion, every part of the capture process is done smarter — from feeding to exception handling to automated sorting. With all of this added intellect, employees are now free to focus on other important tasks.

Unprecedented Speed

Unprecedented Speed

Open up the throttle on your mailroom. Experience unmatched speeds and astonishing intermixed document handling capabilities with the only ultra-high-volume scanner designed to handle all your document intensive applications like customer onboarding, loan processing, accounts payable, accounts receivables, lockbox operations, contract management, exam processing, tax processing, balloting and more.


Eliminate the fragments and streamline all of your document processes into one simplified infrastructure to jet actionable data across your business. When you consolidate, you save big on operational costs such as maintenance, labor, and real estate.


Transform and adapt your scanner to match your evolving business needs. With the ability to tailor everything – software, sorting, speed, and more – to your specific needs, there will be nothing left standing between you and groundbreaking success.

Propel Productivity with Smarter Design

Experience optimized usability and improved service accessibility with a sleek, ergonomic body design that’s designed to last decades. Intuitive controls deliver a better operator experience—reducing training and increasing overall productivity.

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Green LED Status indicators highlight errors for immediate attention

Isolated airflow sections keep paper dust from electronics

Integrated footrest for operator comfort

Master the science of scanning

What are the obstacles preventing you from reaching true digital transformation?

Learn how intelligent ultra-high-volume scanning helps you onboard paper documents to digital processes and overcome common mailroom challenges in our brochure, “Harness the Power of Fusion”.

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As a result of implementing ibml scanners, Wyoming Medical Center has maximized productivity, reduced our document management labor costs by 33 percent and decreased our long-term operations expenses”

Nick Belveal Rhia Director Of HMS, Wyoming Medical Center