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All of the Latest Technology – None of the Upfront Costs

Transform your Document Capture Strategy

Capture technology plays a key role in the success of your digital transformation initiatives—don’t settle on outdated equipment or software in your document scanning operations. Transform your workflows by leveraging expertise from the global leader in intelligent document capture—while controlling costs and efficiency—with ibml-as-a-service.

Pay-as-you-go quarterly or annual bill

Pay as You Go

Access the latest technology with no up front costs

Customize, scale and bundle at no extra cost

Outperform with a Technological Advantage

Swap out legacy technology for the latest upgrades

Improve Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow

Preserve cash for core growth initiatives while letting your capture platform pay for itself

Operate Responsibly

Operate Responsibly

Outsource environmentally safe disposal of unneeded equipment

$0 extra costs versus buying upfront

Avoid Hidden Costs

Get a fixed fee for equipment, services, and maintenance

Why iaaS?

In a rapidly changing world, organizations are facing simultaneous challenges. Most feel pressure to digitally transform and obtain new infrastructure to compete, but can’t because they:

Lack the cash on hand for upfront purchases

Need cash for core growth initiatives

Have fears about business disruption

Are concerned about ROI

Meanwhile, they’re finding that existing legacy technology is becoming more and more expensive to maintain and not nearly as efficient as the latest technology.

Even worse, as the legacy equipment ages, it grows into an even greater security risk because often the software it needs can no longer be updated. Ultimately, all of these factors create a scenario where managed services are quickly gaining ground as a promising alternative to paying cash for new infrastructure.

Enter ibml-as-a-Service. With simple quarterly payments, you can free your cash for core business needs, but still benefit from the latest industry-leading capture technology. As a first-of-its-kind managed service, iaaS allows you to pay as you go while still retaining the ability to customize, scale and bundle technology at no additional cost. This opens up new possibilities for organizations to remain nimble and easily shift resources to pursue new opportunities.

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How does the process work?

ibml-as-a-service can be explained in five simple steps:

What are the other benefits?

Frequently Asked Questions About iaaS

Everything You Need to Know About iaaS

Still have questions about ibml’s managed services? Check out our FAQs below or contact a representative to learn more.

Generally, all companies can benefit from iaaS. It is especially a good choice for businesses that want to:

  • Retain flexibility and keep up to date with rapidly moving technology while avoiding obsolescence
  • Update technology periodically, but not tie up cash in depreciating assets
  • Preserve cash for other business needs
  • One-stop financing of hardware, software, and services, plus the convenience of a single quarterly payment
  • Safely dispose of old equipment with minimal impact on the environment but do not possess the core competencies to do so

Are there benefits to iaaS other than financial?

Yes. iaaS can help expedite equipment replacement and modernization creating a positive impact across all aspects of a business. Additionally, most managed service arrangements free business owner’s from worrying about technology end-of-life disposition issues, including environmental considerations, data security and destruction, and compliance with ever-changing disposition laws.

What can be included in my iaaS managed service?

ibml hardware, software and services needed to install, customize, implement and maintain the products along with shipping, handling and consumables needed for the operations is included.

Can iaaS be deducted for tax benefits?

Accounting for iaaS payments as an operating expense reduces your taxable income, thereby making them 100% deductible.