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Your business relies on actionable information. But managing high volume inputs from various sources can be exceptionally difficult.

How can you optimize your processes to tackle an influx of high volume scanning?

By using a comprehensive intelligent solution that optimizes and standardizes your scanning processes.

ibml Data Capture Software provides a robust platform to manage high volume information capture. As a powerful solution it brings not only the best out of ibml scanners, but also other scanners and sources of input.

With Capture Suite, you can automate data extraction using real-time intelligence, capture documents from other sources, and analyze performance to continually improve efficiency and accuracy.

Data Capture Software

Streamline and enhance a smart scanning software that ingests, analyzes, and delivers mission-critical information to your business.

Handle High Volume with Ease

Standardize your document operations with Capture Suite’s robust software solutions to accelerate the scanning process.

Supercharge Efficiency

Reduce document prep and eliminate manual entry with automated intelligence that classifies and sorts.

Unbeatable Accuracy

Handle inline exceptions during the scanning process, before they enter downstream systems.

Top-Tier Security

Easy compliance and security management with one administrative system.

Streamline Costs

Reduce licensing costs and eliminate click charges to lower your total cost of ownership and speed up time to revenue.


Trouble Handling High Volumes

Valuable information is being delivered to your business, but you can’t extract and analyze the high volume of information fast enough.

Slow Processes

Incompatible software slows down the information flow and unique document types often require a different process.

Time-Consuming Exceptions

Other software solutions often don’t enable real-time, inline intelligence, making you wait until the end of the process to handle errors and exceptions.

Data Silos

The lack of intelligent document recognition creates information silos, sending you hunting through various systems and applications for critical information.

High Labor Costs

Between pre- and post-scan document handling, expensive operator labor sends costs soaring.

Pay-Per-Click Licensing

Pay-per-click payment models are too costly for high volume document capture and strain corporate budgets.

What Powers Capture Suite?


SoftTrac Scan
Centralize information management and standardize your capture processes.



SoftTrac DocNetics
Recognize content during the scanning process through image analysis and customized business rules.

Format information and data from any source and deliver it to downstream systems.

PostScan DocNetics
Accelerate the transformation of digital images to data with scalable image analysis.

Speed turnaround times with automatic document classification and extraction for unstructured documents



Quality Control
Reduce downstream exceptions by enabling operators to easily review and correct documents and batches.

Protect data quality by validating and repairing information with database lookup and exception routing.



Holistically view your document sorting processing operations to manage efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance


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  • Centralizes management and control of all your scanners
  • Captures any type of paper or digital document
  • Reduces document preparation and manual paper handling
  • Accelerates information to downstream systems and processes
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and optimum data security
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“The ibml intelligent data capture solution is a great product. The ibml team also is wonderful to work with.”

Norma Estrada INTRUST Item Processing Supervisor for Lockbox & Processing