The Benefits of High-Speed Scanning Technology

High-speed scanning technology isn’t simply a matter of convenience – in today’s competitive business environment, fast document scanners help organizations manage costs, improve data accuracy and streamline operational processes. In many cases, high-volume scanners enable enterprises to transform outdated data capture routines into drivers of increased efficiency and business growth.

High-Speed Scanning: Moving Beyond Fast vs. Accurate 

Historically, document scanning has been a cumbersome and labor-intensive process that drained ECM resources and created friction in operational processes. Too often, enterprises were forced to sacrifice accuracy for speed – data capture errors were simply the price you paid for quickly churning through large volumes of documents.

The latest generation of high-speed scanning has changed the conversation. Organizations are no longer forced to navigate the trade-off between speed and accuracy because intelligent scanning technology eliminates many of the risks and inefficiencies associated with traditional high-volume scanning.

Although intelligent scanning technology isn’t new, it has previously been limited to either intelligent capture software in the post-scan stage of the process or high-end scanners that were beyond the reach of most organizations. Today, the market offers affordable and intelligent high-speed scanning units that can fundamentally transform most organizations’ ECM environments.

Benefits of High-Speed Scanning Technology

Accurate and efficient content management is a hallmark of successful enterprises. Intelligent high-speed scanning technology gives your organization a competitive edge by capturing information in-line and automating the routing of documents.

The best high-speed scanners help organizations achieve several important benefits, including:

  • Lower Operating Costs – Intelligent fast document scanners slash operating expenses by reducing document prep, post scan and manual labor costs. Less manual sorting and keying also means less risk of errors or omissions.
  • Faster and More Reliable Data Delivery – High-speed, high-volume scanners quickly and accurately deliver data to downstream systems, streamlining ECM processes and ensuring that the operation is functioning as efficiently as possible.
  • Fewer Downstream Exceptions – Downstream exceptions cost your organization time and money. With intelligent high-volume scanners, team members are required to perform fewer manual interventions because the technology is designed to facilitate an accelerated process. 

ibml: High-Speed Scanning Technology You Can Count On

At ibml, we’re committed to helping enterprises and other organizations scan and manage high volumes of information. Our line of intelligent, high-speed scanning products is recognized as best-in-class technology that eliminates the need for manual data entry and outdated scanners that create problems downstream.

With ibml, you get more than a piece of hardware – you get a dedicated partner that is invested in your success through the integration of advanced scanning technology with your organization’s legacy infrastructure.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today and let’s start a conversation about how ibml high-speed scanning solutions can improve your ECM environment.