Federal Government

Provide enhanced services to constituents

ibml intelligent capture solutions are proven in a wide range of federal government applications, including census, tax processing, public records, housing and human services, national security, justice, and more. With ibml solutions, government entities can capture any paper or electronic document, including any government mandated form, photos, checks, correspondence, and historic documents to achieve operational efficiencies and enhance information management.  

Provide superior customer service to constituents

Quickly and accurately track documents and resolve inquiries with valuable information captured from forms and unstructured documents submitted by constituents.

Reduce document processing cycles

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes with streamlined document preparation, automated document classification, and the capture and validation of data from any document. Speed turnaround through co-mingled scanning of different document types, information extraction earlier in the process, and automated document sorting.

Accelerate delivery of high-quality information

Deliver better information more quickly to key decision makers, and facilitate inter-agency collaboration with secure online access to document images and related data.

Comply with evolving regulations

Complete, consistent, auditable and secure data capture helps government entities comply with continually evolving data privacy regulations.

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