Deliver superior customer service through faster, more accurate document capture

ibml intelligent capture solutions for banking improve the speed and accuracy of document-driven processes while ensuring security and compliance, by automating the capture, validation, and delivery of information from any unstructured document no matter the source.  With ibml solutions, banks and credit unions can capture and extract valuable information from any paper or electronic document, including checks, remittance advices, online forms, credit card applications, mortgage origination files, property titles and other lending documents, identification cards, and more.

More bank lockbox operations use ibml capture solutions than any other solution of its kind.  ibml solutions also are proven in banking and credit union applications such as check processing/Check 21, EOB processing, accounts receivable, card services, lending, account opening, and more.

Provide superior customer service

Quickly and accurately resolve customer inquiries with valuable information captured from unstructured documents that come in from customers. 

Reduce costly exceptions

Catch exceptions before they cost you. Superior image quality, patented detection of piggy-backed documents, best-in-class image manipulation tools, and automated data validation all work together to greatly reduce the chances of downstream exceptions.

Improve decision making

Gain a more complete view of customer activity and enable more robust and timely reporting by downstream systems.

Comply with evolving regulations

Complete, consistent, auditable and secure data capture helps ensure compliance with requirements like Dodd-Frank and PCI, and regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Speed document processing cycles

Optimize the availability of funds through co-mingled scanning of different document types, information extraction earlier in the process, and automated document sorting.


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