ImageTrac 6400 High Speed Scanner

Unique capabilities for ultra-high volume scanning.

ImageTrac Series 6000 Video

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General Info

Ultra-High Volume Scanning

What makes ibml document scanners different?

Regarded as ibml's most versatile high speed scanners, the powerful ImageTrac 6400 Class scanners provide unique document management, transaction processing benefits for users in a wide range of vertical markets.

ibml's ImageTrac 6400 Class of document scanners was built from the ground up for users who require sophisticated transaction processing and robust in-line tools for business rules processing and document sorting. Available with up to 21 sort pockets, the ImageTrac 6400 document imaging machines provide unmatched in-line intelligence for rulesbased processing, auto batching, pocket water falling, numerous audit trail options and embedded processes that ensure adherence to business rules during scanning. This makes ibml's ImageTrac 6400 Class high speed scanner perfect for service bureaus or shared services environments with a wide range of workload types and volumes.

Our superior technology automatically separates documents after scanning and reduces upfront document preparation. Our patented camera technology, and document imaging enhancement capabilities provide the best images possible, improving ICR read rates.

The ImageTrac 6400 Class scanner is enabled with the suite of DocNetics recognition products that provide the flexibility to index documents by reading barcodes, OCR reads, document types and logos from in-line images. The ImageTrac 6400 scanner accompanied with DocNetics can drive significant operational benefits to document capture operations.

ImageTrac 6400 Class Scanner Benefits:

  • Increased productivity across the entire document capture process
  • Business rule job development
  • Faster processing windows
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Reduced document preparation requirements
  • Streamlined operations for advanced processing requirements
  • Ergonomically enhanced


  • Throughput speeds of 286 pages per minute and 429 ppm with the high speed option*
  • Duplex camera imaging
  • Mixed document scanning
  • Color, greyscale JPEG, Bitonal TIFF
  • DynamicTIFF
  • Ultrasonic doubles detection
  • Multi-feed detection
  • Mechanical document skew and detection
  • Complex decision and sort capabilities
  • User-friendly touch screen control
  • Voice Synthesizer Option

ImageTrac 6400 Specifications

Scanner Features

Feeder with Mechanical Doubles Detection Standard
Mechanical Deskew with Skew Detection Standard
UltraSonic Doubles Detection Standard
DynamicTIFF Standard
Barcode and/or Patchcode Reader Option
Inkjet Printer, Single head, pre or post-image Option
Inkjet Printer, Multi-head, pre or post-image Option
E13B MICR, Top or Bottom side Option
CMC7 MICR, Bottom side Option
Base Pockets 2
Expandable Sort Pockets 21

Camera & Output Options

JPEG - Color (24 bit), Grayscale (8-bit) Standard
TIFF - Black & White (1-bit) Standard
JPEG 2000 Option
Optical DPI 200/300
Image Output 150 - 600

* Actual results will vary based on specific job requirements of the application.

Section 508

Section 508 requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.

Inaccessible technology limits access to information and creates barriers to new opportunities for people with disabilities. The law applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain or use electronic and information technology.

ibml is committed to being the vendor of choice for customers seeking accessible solutions for their high speed scanning needs. ibml's design and manufacturing process allows for rapid review and implementation of design opportunities to address universal access.

In order to provide the needed information to government agencies, ibml assessed its products to the 508 provisions. The resulting data was compiled and recorded in the VPAT (Voluntary Product Assessment Template).

This information is available to Federal agencies by contacting Mr. Chris Keller at 205.439.7100