The electronic and/or physical scanning of documents often times is set up separately resulting in multiple systems to manage.  The ibml solution offers a single set of business rules that can be deployed at physical scan time or on electronic documents ultimately creating a single stream of information for your line of business applications eliminating click charges, interacting with data sooner, and helping assure, regardless of ingestion mechanism, consistent and error free transactions, batches and data.

If physical scanning is a part of your process, ibml's SoftTrac Scan software is a must have.  ibml’s SoftTrac Scan software is the most powerful, and intelligent scan software one can deploy for any scanning environment.  The product has been built to handle the most mission critical, secure and production oriented environments in the world.  SoftTrac is for those users who want to reduce document prep time, reduce downstream exceptions, access data faster, and resolve problems where they should be resolved when it comes to physical paper . . . at scan time.

  • Intuitive standardized operator interface for all ISIS, TWAIN and ibml devices
  • Real time operator transaction, image and data display
  • Powerful and Centralized Administration of Users, Security and Jobs
  • Real time extraction of all types of data on any ISIS, TWAIN or ibml device
  • Robust Business Rule based ingestion utilizing the real-time data
  • Find, replace, repair transactions at ingestion using the data and business rules
  • All devices Scan to SQL for real time data access without delay
  • Comprehensive Reporting and proactive alerts available with ibml Analytics
  • Can be deployed as stand alone without additional ibml Software

“We reviewed traditional flat file scanning approaches that utilize post-scan IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) software, but found that ibml gave us advantages with a single scan, classify and data extraction process, which significantly reduced processing times and software license costs. It also gave us the option to physically separate and sort key documents, which provides a value added service to the client and further reduces our operational costs.” UK Operations Director, EDM - Click here for more

SoftTrac Details

ibml's SoftTrac Scan enables users to centralize information management and helps to ensure regulatory compliance and tracking and control. With the operational intelligence provided by SoftTrac Scan, organizations can more easily standardize their scanning operations and the information they provide.

Complementing ECM platforms and traditional scanning solutions, SoftTrac Scan delivers efficiencies and process improvements. SoftTrac Scan is designed to maximize the capabilities of ImageTrac scanners by providing operators and administrators the tools necessary to reduce downstream exceptions, perform intelligent document identification and sorting, and provde immediate access to information which helps ensure ImageTrac scanners are fully utilized.

Download the SoftTrac Scan Brochure   

SoftTrac Scan Features

  • An attractive and intuitive user interface
  • Easy-to use job configuration tools, including a Scan Job Setup wizard and Ink Jet Printer (IJP) setup interface
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Batch and user administration
  • Dynamic software feeder controls for optimizing scanner throughput
  • A tool for streamlining the configuration of TIFF images and settings
  • Alerts which notify operators of document exceptions
  • Centralized data storage for all devices
  • The ability to scan into virtualized environments
  • Single Windows log-in and authentication
  • Built on .NET framework 

Secure Global Access

SoftTrac Scan's centralized authentication provides authorized users with a single login for secure, global access to all applications. Access can be customized for specific users and groups, depending on security requirements.

  • Manage multiple database configurations from one central point
  • Login using one of several methods: Windows authentication, ibml database authentication, or one-click login using the current logged-in Windows account.

Easy-to-Use Application Console

SoftTrac Scan's Application Console provides an intuitive, common user interface that launches all ibml document capture applications - from the Administration Console to Quality Control Job Setup and DocNetics software. It features a sleek, 3D carousel for displaying application icons. The Application Console is permissions-based and shows only those applications in the console that the currently logged in user has permission to use, safeguarding against unauthorized user access.

Streamlined Scanning

The intuitive operator interface is eqipped with easy-to-use controls that launch you into instant productivity.

  • Quickly create new batches and begin scanning
  • View images as documents are scanned
  • Activate hand feed mode for quick jam and skew recovery
  • Flag documents for rescanning
  • Easily open existing batches for review
  • Append documents to batches
  • Rescan documents with ease
  • Edit document data
  • Fit, rotate and zoom in and out on images in the image viewer
  • Automate detection of dog-eared documents (those with folded corners)
  • Dynamically adjusted feeder settings optimize scanner throughput

Simple User Administration

With SoftTrac Scan's User Administration application, the process of creating, managing and editing multiple user and group profiles for job-access and data protection is simplified. Organizations can define rules for user access within applications based on an individual's or group's profile.

SoftTrac Scan offers a way to better meet security requirements for Data at Rest in PCI/DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and other security standards.

Efficient Batch Administration

SoftTrac Scan's Batch Administration allows users to view and manage batches of scanned documents without interrupting the scanning process.

  • Operator productivity is maximized through fast viewing and manipulation of images offline without interrupting scanning
  • Users can drag and drop batches into the recycle bin or into multi-thread processes, allowing for continued scanner operation while batches are being deleted
  • Apply filters to sort which batches are displayed in the viewer
  • Choose how to group batches in the viewer for quick and easy navigation
  • Configure auto fresh options to keep the view current
  • Save filters and grouping to a custom view to quickly see batches that are important to your business

Streamlined Job Setup

SoftTrac Scan's Job Setup is easy to use. Rules- and actions-based job setup capabilities enable rapid job creation without sophisticated programming, providing for easier deployment and faster ROI.

  • Job configuration tools, including a step-by-step Scan Job Setup wizard
  • Tool streamlines the configuration of TIFF images and settings
  • View a history of all job changes
  • Restore jobs to previously saved points

Powerful Reporting

SoftTrac Scan includes Client Reports for direct, easy-to-view productivity statistics and other valuable operations reports. Out of the box, this application provides scanning statistics by batch, operator or specific document as well as cumulative data. The report scan be stored locally or on a network.

Additionally, a number of filtering options allow users to select what dates, scan jobs, scanners, operators, and data connections are included in the reported data. Reports can be saved for future use, or they may be exported as PDF, Excel or HTML files.