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The ImageTrac 6300 class scanners provide an efficient document scanning solution

The expandable ImageTrac 6300 Class scanners are designed for applications with basic in-line processing needs and are available with either one or two out-sort pockets.

ImageTrac 6300

The ImageTrac 6300 Class scanner is ideal for users who want more speed and flexibility than ibml’s ImageTrac-Lite solution provides, as well as in-line intelligence. Like the ImageTrac-Lite, the 6300 Class scanner delivers an unlimited duty cycle, robust design and superior document handling. But ImageTrac 6300 Class users also receive upgrade options, added flexibility and enhanced in-line, rules-based processing. The ImageTrac 6300 Class scanner stands apart in environments requiring reliable, intelligent batch processing.


  • Reduced document preparation
  • Fewer jams/fast jam recovery
  • Increased operator productivity
  • Reduced operations expense
  • Less downtime/easy maintenance
  • Fewer downstream exceptions
  • Potential to finish scan work earlier in the day
  • Ergonomically enhanced

Notable features of ImageTrac 6300 include

The ImageTracDS 6300: Throughput speeds of 286 pages per minute and 429 ppm with the high speed option

  • Duplex camera imaging
  • Mixed document scanning
  • Bitonal, grayscale and color scanning
  • DynamicTIFF
  • Ultrasonic doubles detection
  • Multi-feed detection
  • Mechanical document detection and de-skew
  • Single High Capacity Full Page Pocket
  • User-friendly touch screen control
IBML ImageTrac Series 6000

IBML ImageTrac Series 6000


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“I would choose ibml again in a heartbeat.”

David Johnson DATAMARK Director of Operations