Data Entry and Repair

Validation is part of ibml's Capture Suite software and provides organizations with a fast and easy way to validate and repair information such as barcodes, check MICR data or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data that is captured incorrectly during the scanning process, or not captured at all. Validation has the ability to perform a database lookup to validate or populate other fields. You can also create Key From Image fields to be entered in the Validation Client.

Validation has the ability to route items that require repair and automatically presents them to an operator to be keyed or re-keyed depending on the configured business rules. Validation also allows users to choose batches to validate on a job level, a queue of batches or by manually selecting a specific batch. The module's intuitive design and powerful validation tools enable users to quickly navigate the fields that require repair, while viewing the image(s) from which the data was captured.

Operators also can Rubberband regions of an image to automatically capture the data required for validation, eliminating the need for manual keying and reducing human error.

Download the Validation Brochure

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate processing turnaround through faster data repair
  • Reduce downstream exceptions
  • Improve compliance by capturing validation statistics in Client Reports and Analytics

Product Features

  • Automatic Validation making the process as productive as possible
  • Manual Validation has an attractive and intuitive user interface
  • Validation settings by index field
  • Configurable forced manual, re-keying, and/or verifying of the data
  • Thumbnail and full page view for captured documents
  • Shortcut keys for faster document navigation
  • Validation of data against a lookup table
  • The ability to populate multiple fields based on a lookup
  • Optional text description of index fields for administrators
  • Customizable within the capture workflow
  • Client Reports offer Batch and Operator statistics
  • Flag documents for supervisor review
  • The ability to define index fields at the Transaction or Document level
  • Defined ICR fields on the image will be highlighted and zoomed for easier validation
  • Display field data in Validation Client tree
  • Option to alert the operator if duplicate values are entered for the batch or transaction
  • Utilize .net callouts for custom actions during automatic and manual Validation