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As good as scanning and recognition technology is, there is always a need to assure quality, repair exceptions, and potentially enter additional unrecognizable fields.  The advantage with an ibml solution is that each of these functions is done under the same process controls, business rules and utilizing the same database.  Poor read rates or image quality issues can be traced to specific devices or inputs since all operational data is available.  Rescans go through the same business rules and exceptions can be proactively noted for downstream line of business processes.  The key to this part of the process is assuring exceptions are eliminated, all data is purified, and line of business processes are not interupted by exceptions that should have been resolved during the capture process.

Software Benefits 

  • Accelerate processing turnaround through faster data repair
  • Reduce downstream exceptions
  • Automatically queue batches for review based on their priority
  • Improve compliance by capturing validation statistics in Client Reports and Analytics
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  • “We reviewed traditional flat file scanning approaches that utilize post-scan IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) software, but found that ibml gave us advantages with a single scan, classify and data extraction process.”

    Gordon Nelson, UK Operations Director, EDM Group UK